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It has been a fabulous day! Along with two of my dearest friends I went to Columbus, Ohio, to Arti Gras, A Celebration of Art and Spirit. This is about the fifth or sixth time we have done this together, and each year we have such a great time.  Here are a few highlights from the day… in pictures, of course.

We watched the sun came up as we left around 7:00am today.  I was in the back seat, shooting out the car window (using a fast shutter speed). 

My palette from an art journal class…a plain old Styrofoam plate. We learned some new techniques for creating different pages in an art journal.  

We got our hands messy, too.  I think there is still paint under our fingernails…but it was sooo worth it.  (My friend’s hands shown here.)

One of the best parts of the day involved making paper from junk mail. I made this from two business envelopes, some old parsley (yes, the spice), and a blue flower petal. Mix all in a blender with 2 cups of water till well blended, then pour though a special screen, squish out the water for a while, then iron it dry.  (Don’t try this at home…my instructions are very sparse.)  

Being the back seat driver again, I caught my friends unaware with my lens. 

Not sure if I could knit in the car while it is moving, by Marybeth can. And the real best part of the day was the drive over and back, the conversation, the lunch we shared, and just being together.

This quote was in our opening for the day’s event:
“O Ingenious One,
It is not only creation, but creativity that awes me.
It is a wondrous, fearsome thing that you share your power to create.”
(from Guerillas of Grace by Ted Loder)

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  1. WOW Deb, how wonderful for you and your friends to do this together. Looks like you had a messy fun time. Love love the first photo of course and am amazed at the paper you made with junk mail. What a fun and creative day you had, HOORAY!!

  2. What a great day! And in my getting-my-hands-dirty days, I made paper like that! It is so much fun – you can use just about any kind of paper – wrapping paper, napkins, you name it. Creating something new from "trash".

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