curving lines

I shared this photo tonight at my local photography club meeting, and thought you might enjoy it, too.  The theme was ‘curving lines’.  This image has been converted to black and white and the contrast increased just a bit.

This is actually along the Ohio River at Parkersburg, WV, the home of my sister and my parents.  These curves are concrete steps, part of an outdoor amphitheater right along the river.  In this image there is flooding going on, so the water you see in the lower left is really not supposed to be there.

This is the same place, zoomed out a bit.
River traffic is something that always fascinates me, the barges that continually move on that water, delivering grain, coal, and who knows what else. It’s just so different from living on the prairie, among the fields of grain, where I see more trains and trucks than boats and barges.

After being right down on the river we drove to a park at the top of a hill overlooking the city, the river, and the park where we had just been.  

I appreciate the way the designers of that park and amphitheater made the steps curve like the river.  Or maybe they thought of the bend of the railroad lines, or the graceful curve of the steel bridges. Whatever inspired them I’m sure that those who visit there will enjoy the beauty of the river.

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  1. That's a classic B&W, Deb. I've always been attracted to curved lines and I love the simplicity of this image. It's fun to see the macro view too.

  2. Hello Deb,

    Guess what I can leave comments now from my new computer. I'm soooo happy and if this is the only good thing that came from my computer crashing it's worth all the money and frustrations I've had all weeek, leaving you comments again makes me happy!!
    What great photos these are, love the zoomed in ones and that you drove back up and got another shot of all it, so awesome. I love the curves and the b/w of them. This would be so fun to sit and listen to music and feel the wind in your hair, my kids would love this.
    Your photos are amazing and fit perfectly with your story, love the way you do this!!
    Enjoy your weekend. I will be trying to figure out how to use my computer and upload pictures if I can on my blog.

  3. Deb – what a fantastic shot! The sinuous curves of those steps with their corresponding shadows create a very dramatic abstract. It really works in black and white to bring out those lines and your tight crop concentrates our eye on the steps. Also love the contrast with the water ripples. Really well done.

    It is really fun to see the other shots, which establish place. All together, it is a very effective series.

  4. Beautiful lines!! Love the gentleness of the curves on the not so gentle river!! The b/w is perfect!! I've not converted a lot to b/w, so I'm looking forward to taking Picture Black and White with Big Picture Classes. I think it starts in either April or May. Should be fun!

    1. Cathy,
      Sometimes I convert color images to B&W, but sometimes I set the camera to shoot in B&W to begin with. There is something about that timeless quality of B&W that I really like. I'm sure you'll enjoy that class!

  5. Deb, until you explained, I thought that was a water feature of some sort, with steps leading down to a pool. I was imagining children splashing and people cooling their feet there in the summer. The high water on the river banks is obvious in that last photo. The curving lines of those steps are so graceful, and I love the way they are dipping their hem in the water.

  6. Really love this Deb and especially your black and white conversion. think you have gotten a wonderful composition of this and the editing is super. How great to have the photography club to share with! Very nice.

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