Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2-12-12

This week the categories are facial feature, shadow, spicy, gold, and fabric.
Facial Feature – on a mask I painted this week. Yes, that is some of my old jewelry…
Shadow – of a lattice fence against a wall covered in vines
Spicy – I found a recipe for this in a magazine…very yummy….
And Spicy again – frying some apples with butter and brown sugar….extremely yummy….
Gold – the edge on the pages of these encyclopedias
Gold again….. vintage cabinets in the church kitchen
Fabric – My very first cross stitch. Grandma made a doll apron for me and 
taught my how to do cross stitch on the gingham.

Follow the link button below to see more fabulous interpretations of today’s prompts.
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20 Replies to “Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2-12-12”

  1. Wonderful shots. I have several items that my great-grandmother and grandmother cross-stitches – a good many of them aprons. Encyclopedias – now there is a blast from the past.

  2. Deb – great entries. Your theme this week seems to be creativity – in your mask painting, cooking and cross stitch – all additional ways, besides creating lovely images, that you express yourself. My favorite is the vintage cabinets,the red tiled floor and the captured reflections.

  3. OK….you definitely need to change the name of your blog….how about "kicking ass taking great photos as I go"? Geez Louise.
    My fave is the apples-I'm totally hooked on steaming shots. I also really like that kitchen shot, with the one door ajar, and the reflections. Would love to see that entire mask. It must be amazing. Happy day my friend.

  4. Interesting mask and great use of your old jewelry. Your shadow looks like you could have taken a pic of the side of my house, amazing resemblance. Ahh, vintage gold kitchen cabinets, memories. And I have cross stitch pillow cases similiar to yours as well, my Mother made them.

  5. Deb, these are all wonderful for different reasons. But the one that stands out for me is Shadow. I love the way the lattice shadow echoes the lattice-like pattern the vine itself makes against the wall.
    My last house had cabinets that resembled those gold ones way too closely! And I'd love to have the recipe for that spice mix – it looks delicious.

  6. Love the mask, Mom! Can't wait to see the whole thing some day. Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you that we LOVE the Mediterranean salt and herb rub. I'm going to need that recipe.

    I just noticed Dorian Susan's comment. Hee hee. 🙂

  7. These are wonderful!! I can almost smell those apples and cinnamon!! Your cross stitch image brings back so many lovely memories!! My mom taught me to cross stitch on gingham, too!!

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