a blessing…

This is for a beautiful baby boy named Charlie, who just came into this world 3 days ago and is in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, mommy and daddy by his side.  I want Charlie and his parents to know that we all hold them tenderly in our hearts and prayers. 
And this is for my mom, who is having some surgery tomorrow…for my dad who because of his own health must stay at home and wait…for my sister who is there and will love them through this ordeal…and for all the friends who are there to help and support them.
Then there is my husband, who, as a pastor and on-call chaplain, often goes to the bedside of the mommies and daddies, the parents, the grandparents, meeting them in what can be their best or their worst hour….and finds the courage and wisdom to listen to and comfort them.  
We hold you in our hearts, just as we are all held in a Divine Embrace….
(Photo edited in Gimp to make it look like an oil painting)

8 Replies to “a blessing…”

  1. Deborah I love this bird that you have posted and think it is a beautiful representation of how we are held in His hands in our times of stress and trouble. Prayers for your mother and this dear little baby in the NICU.

  2. Deborah, this is a beautiful image! I love how you processed it to look like a painting! I will add you, your friends and family to my prayer list.

  3. Deborah, this is so beautiful – the photo, but even more so your words. All the best wishes to your mom, baby Charlie and his parents, your husband and everybody who needs them right now.
    We are blessed with people like you.

  4. I am right here, Deb…praying for those sweet, sweet beings, holding them ever so close.

    That bird is absolutely precious.

    With so much love,


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