Scavenger Hunt Feb 5th

The words for this week from Ashley are strike a pose, footwear, hobby, shiny, and color me green.  I chose 4 of the 5, leaving out footwear.  Here is what I came up with:

Strike a Pose – a statue of a carousel horse in a child’s garden. Next to our public library 
is a delightful little garden, maintained by Master Gardeners. I always enjoy it in the summer, but it was also quite lovely even on a gray winter day.
Hobby – My grandfather’s old Graflex.  I am in awe of this camera. In fact, all I know how to do is open it up.
Shiny – from that child’s garden, a mosaic of shiny marbles in a hop scotch play area
Color me Green – a yucca plant in the children’s garden.  

I always look forward to this challenge! Thanks for stopping by!

22 Replies to “Scavenger Hunt Feb 5th”

  1. My favorite is the carousel horse!! I love carousels!! I would love to see this children's garden. It looks wonderful! Of course, I love your treasure of a camera!! The yucca plant is so pretty! I love the lines and colors! I've tried to photograph mine, but I don't get anything I like! Great collection, once again!!

  2. Deb, I so love these glimpses into your world and heart. Your photos capture so much beauty, so much life-ness. (I needed to make up a word there 🙂

    Sending you love on this Sunday,


  3. I'm loving the marbles……so cool.
    I have my grandpa's camera collection to – most of them are just for show, as I'll probably never be able to figure them out.
    Nice set!

  4. I love the carousel horse statue. This must be the same children's garden that you showed the gate of a little while ago. It looks like a wonderful place for a child's imagination to expand.

  5. Deb – great series. I love that most of your shots came from the same place. My favorite is the yucca plant – those gorgeous green and yellow leaves and the way they cross and weave together in a beautiful pattern, highlighted with water droplets. Wonderful!

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