Scavenger Hunt 1-29

Here are my images, all taken this week, for today’s Scavenger Hunt. The prompts are smile, stand alone, rusty or something old, artificial, and repeating pattern.

Though this is only his little grin, it is still a smile in my mind. Wayne is a dear friend of our family, and I sit with him in worship each Sunday. When he gives me a hug and says hello, I’ll ask him how he is, and his reply?  “Better now!” …always given after the hug.

Stands alone… I’m sharing this more because of it’s value to me rather than its photogenic qualities. My husband made this easel for me this week.  And I have been using it!  Thanks, Mark!

Something old, and kind of rusty in places… the light meter my grandfather used to use when taking photos.  Notice the dirt and wear on the inside cover.  (He used to tell me when I was little that he was trying to see if my face was dirty.)

Artificial birdies…found at my favorite store last week.  The tallest is about 4 inches tall. And I think I may have to get more of these. They are just stinkin’ cute!

Repeating pattern…okay, how can I have a scavenger hunt without one of the kitties? Mark made this wood box with its repeating pattern of holes in it, just big enough for a ping pong ball to fit in.  And you can see the attraction…those paws try to get the ball out.  But you’ll also see a very tiny red laser light on the second hole from the left…which was my way to get the cat to pose for you on the wooden box in the first place.  (We scavenger hunters take our job seriously.)
Be sure to click on the Scavenger Hunt linky at the top of this page to view the other submissions from so many good photographers!

32 Replies to “Scavenger Hunt 1-29”

  1. Deb, these are wonderful. I love the first one – what a face, and such a touching story to go with it. The last one made me laugh – and I noticed, in addition to the holes, the repeating pattern of the kitty's stripes!

  2. A little grin is so cool. (like he smiles only to you, not while taking photos ) Rusty and those birds are cool and the cat likes that game !

  3. I wish my cat had one of those….tho she's an older lady who plays just a bit, I think she'd like it. The laser frustrates her because there's nothing to "catch" physically.
    That smile shot is my fave and yes, those birds are stinkin' cute. Happy day my friend.

    1. Susan,
      We saw a similar cat toy, made of plastic, that was purchased from a retail store. Mark likes to work with wood, so he decided to make this one himself. Who knows, maybe that older lady kitty would really like to feel young and playful again… Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Oh, Mark. Still 'buying your chairs' after all these years. (Watch the movie, Phenomenon, if you don't know what I'm talking about.) What a guy. Love ya.

  5. THese are wonderful interpretations! I love the expression on Wayne's face, there is so much character there & I'm sure he has so many stories to tell of the life he's lived.
    The meter? Oh that meter — what an invaluable treasure.
    Good job!

  6. Hey, Deb!
    These are wonderful! I am totally jealous of Mark's woodworking ability – the easel is a prize! And I have to agree with others who love the first photo of your friend from church, but I actually remember your Grandpa's light meter – I thought it was fascinating!
    Beautiful photos!

  7. Deb – great series. Love the tiny grin on your friend – a face with real character and personality. And I can completely understand why you plan to pick up more of the little birds – they are wonderful!

  8. You nailed it again!! Love the first image and the story behind it! I can't believe your husband made you an easel…it looks beautiful! Also, love those little birds!! They remind me of the birds in your journal!

  9. oh, man! i simply adore the photo of wayne. he looks like such a sweet man, and his smile is enchanting! and that bird shot… to cute. i would so buy those little figurines for my home. i'm a bird freak! =)

    loved this! i think i'm gonna have to participate in this scavenger party some time.

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