Reaching for Winter Light

Sometimes the simplest things can inspire me. 
These plants sit on a shelf just below a West facing window in my kitchen.  The plant is one that I know from experience that can be kind of neglected and it still thrives, as long as I water it once a week.
When trying to capture an image that showed winter light the other day I was drawn to this plant, for it’s colorful green leaves and how they reach to the sun, no matter the time of year. That day was sunny and there was snow on the ground, so the winter light was really intense. Have you noticed how leaves on houseplants bend toward their light source? 

I love winter. I love the subtle colors of it all, and the way the earth rests during this season. But I also love the green of these plants in this winter light.  

I need to be reminded to reach for that light myself, even on cloudy days. 

5 Replies to “Reaching for Winter Light”

  1. Such a lovely philodendron! I have one that I was given at the birth of my second daughter and she is 38 years old. The must be very sturdy! Love your winter thoughts!

  2. Love this! Beautiful, healthy plant and beautiful light! I love the you angle! I have two very large philodendrons that are in desperate need of repotting!! After seeing your beautiful plant it has inspired me to do that today!! Mine live in the bathroom where they get lots of light and humidity.

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