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Here is a new challenge for you. Turn the camera on yourself and plan on taking any given number of self portraits during 2012.  And share that intention publicly.

I suspect that if you enjoy taking photos you probably have many, many images of others, but very few of your self.  Same here.  

For the month of January the theme for these “selfies” was “pieces of me”.  The main rule is that you have to be the one taking your own photo, either by holding the camera, using a tripod and timer, or using a mirror.  But no one else can take the photo for you.  Kinda forces one to get creative. 

I chose to put mine in a collage today.  All from this month, all little pieces of me. 

You can follow the link below to see some other very creative and beautifully done self images, and to learn more about this challenge. 

In The Picture

25 Replies to “{in the picture}”

  1. Beautiful collage, with a great quote.
    Collages are one of the photography techniques I need to learn.
    I too have been really challenged to take these photos, but like it.

  2. Love your collage. All your shots are great and I love the quote. My favourite is the one in front of the window – love how the light is falling on your face.

  3. I love the idea of a collage. Lot's of "pieces" making up the whole. But that first shot of you gazing out the window is sublime.


  4. I love this, Deb…so soft and reflective and lovely. "Something greater is holding you," how sweet is it to know this?

    I might just have to take you up on this challenge.

    Thanks so much for sharing pieces of beautiful you.

  5. I love the one in front of the window, too, but I really like your collage. I am going to have to try that. These are all very nice photos of you, Deb!

  6. very nice… you look peaceful and content in them all… and i really love what you did in the photo on the right. looking forward to seeing more throughout the year… following along now!

  7. Good point! I am the one taking the pistures. Very few of myself. I think I'll take you up on the challenge. I loved your collage. It's good to see you at different angles.

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