Winter Light

It’s the way he sits in that window,
watching birds and squirrels just on the other side of that glass,
his tail the only thing moving, twitching now and then.
But most of all it’s that winter light, intense some days when there is snow on the ground,
soft and gray when it’s cloudy.  
That winter light shows the cobwebs in the corners 
of the house, 
but it also illuminates the beauty
in that soft coat, the contours of a muscular little body. 
When the winter light shines in your home, in your yard, in your little corner of the world, what do you notice?  Do the shorter, darker days of the season get you down? Or is winter your “season”, like I think it is for me?
Is there a certain time of day when you enjoy the natural light best?  If so, why?
Hope you all had a tolerable fantastic Monday!

4 Replies to “Winter Light”

  1. I love light. The heart of winter is hard for me, because it is barely light when I go to work and dark well before I leave it. I love clear days on winter weekends, because in the afternoon the sun streams in through my living room windows, all the way across the apartment and into the kitchen. I don't have a cat, but I feel like one myself on those days, following the sun's path for as long as it lasts.

  2. I'm not a winter person at all but I love the beautiful soft light you've caught here and the warm tones from your cat and interior colours. Beautiful.

  3. I savor the winter days for reflection and when the sun shines in I think of spring, but I'm not in a hurry. Two, my cat has been missing for two days and I hope she will return soon..

  4. Wonderful post. – I enjoy watching our kitties when they are watching things outside. Birds really capture their attention. – I'm more of a Spring person when all the "new life" emerges and things seem renewed and refreshed.

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