Scavenger Hunt January 22nd

This week the words/prompts for our photos are sunset, black and white, a day in my life, four – as in a set of four images, and colorful.  Here is my take on those prompts.

Winter sunset

Black and White.  I love how those white whiskers just stand out.

A Day in My Life, sitting at my desk at my part time job, tea cup very close by.

 Set of Four. Four birdies, two cats.Cue in the music “One of these things is not like the other….”Yeller and Rossfeld trying to hypnotize the birdies through the window Saturday.

Colorful. My croton plant soaking in the winter sun. The variety of colors in the leaves is amazing.
Have a simply fabulous day!

25 Replies to “Scavenger Hunt January 22nd”

  1. Your interpretation of four is amazing. I love the shot of the bird with the snow on his beak – and of course I like the shot of the kitties watching them.

  2. Great set Deborah. Your 4 is amazingly clever and I see we both chose our cats for black and white. Your sunset is beautiful with those branches in silhouette.

  3. the thumbnail of Rossfeld caught my eye – it's a perfect shot of kitty contentment. your set of four is fun with the birdies feasting while the kitty cats are on watch. those are some cool bird shots – difficult for me to get. I enjoyed your hunt. happy week to you.

  4. Deb – great set for your hunt! The silhouetted trees against that golden sky; the white whiskers (what detail!). Your day-in-the-life looks just like mine 🙂 And your birds-and-cats four square is very imaginative – made me smile – the cats are so intent on their task. And the leaf colors and patterns – stunning!

  5. I love your storeis behind your photos! Wanna know something funny? I have 2 cats-one is orange and one is a tabby just like you 2. funny!

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