In the woods a few days ago we came upon a fence row next to a corn field. The wind was not real strong but just enough to give a pretty good wind chill, which we felt deeply. 

The wind had also sculpted the snow into so many wonderful waves and shapes, especially around the old wire fence row. I was thrilled to see so much of the pristine, untouched waves of white, not yet soiled by footprints, human or animal. 

As I leaned over the fence to get a better view I glanced down and  saw this perfect round shape, hollowed out by the wind at the base of a tree, with this little ‘finger’ of snow along the side.  What shaped it so? How much influence did the surrounding structures have on the direction of that breeze that hollowed out this place at the base of that tree? 

I know that for me this image has triggered all kinds of thoughts about what influences our lives. What winds of change have shaped us into the people we are now? I’ll leave you with that thought. (Thanks for stopping by!)

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  1. Lovely post, Deb! There are so many influences on our lives….I know that chance encounters can make a deep impression that lasts for a life time. Why some have a big effect and others leave no trace is still a mystery to me.

    1. Chance encounters. This is so true, Gina. I'm aware that at certain times in my own life a person was "there" for a while, helped me through something, and then we all moved on. But I still remember that encounter and how it affected me.

  2. The winds of change come blowing across life every so often. I believe change is good for the human soul. It forces us to done new shapes, crawl out of the circle of comfort and discover there's new experiences and adventures to have. Wonderful analogy.

  3. What an incredible image, Deb. I love how closely you look, how that camera of yours sees so much, how it prompts you to consider things you might not have considered otherwise. So much beauty here…

    1. Deanna,
      I'm aware of some of those changes you have endured. Makes me think of a strong oak that stays firm, but bends just enough to sustain the winds that come.
      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Deb, it's funny what we can learn from the interaction of snow and wind. To think about those things that have formed us. And not only what has influenced us but what impact we have had on others ourselves. You always bring such thoughtful wisdom to your posts.

  5. I love the contemplation brought out of you by this image! It makes me wonder too. We are all forever being shaped by internal and external forces. I am pondering now…

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