Scavenger Hunt January 15th

This is addictive. Plain and simple. I love being given a list and then deciding what to photograph to go with each word. Now I take one word a day and challenge myself to stretch this out through the week.  That works well for me, giving me more time to plan.   
This week the words for the Scavenger Hunt are stacked up, winter wonderland, sweet, hole, and frozen.  

Stacked up. Linen napkins and table cloth after I ironed them yesterday. Found these at an antique shop years ago, and I use them. (I used my Canon 18-55mm lens, plus my Speedlite flash – bounced off the ceiling.)

Winter Wonderland. Snow has finally arrived here in Ohio. This is from yesterday at Kendrick Woods.  (Taken with Tamron 70-300mm lens)

Sweet. Fruit that we have enjoyed this week. 

Hole. From that walk in the woods yesterday. (Taken with Tamron 70-300mm lens)

Frozen. Also from that walk yesterday in the woods. Ice forming on a stream. (Taken with Tamron 70-300mm lens)
My personal favorites are those taken in the woods yesterday. We go back to this same park each season, multiple times. It is just a favorite place, full of so much beauty.  I have to thank my  husband for going along with me. It was only in the twenties and we froze! But I bought him a doughnut and hot chocolate when we came back into town.  (It was the least I could do, right?)
Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Love your "hole"! We got dumped on in Michigan this past Friday so it helped getting a winter wonderland shot! Looks like your winter has been as mild as ours.

  2. LOVE old linens as well! BUT my favorites are hole and frozen, great captures. I SO need to get over being cold and get out there and take a walk!

    1. Shay,
      I hear what you are saying about getting out for a walk. It's so easy to stay in this time of year, but so nice to get out even for a few minutes and enjoy the beauty. Go for it!

  3. Finally some snow here in Ohio, yes? I love the way you have captured the ice forming on the stream – it looks like tiny fingers reaching out for the water ripples. And the freshly ironed napkins and tablecloth – there is just something wonderful about crisp linens. And a doughnut/hot chocolate seems like proper payment 🙂

    1. Brenda,
      That ice on the stream was just dazzling, even though the skies were overcast. The light was so perfect and the water rushing over the rocks made such a peaceful sound. It was worth getting cold for, and of course, a perfect reason for the doughnut and hot cocoa! As always I appreciate your remarks.

  4. Oh my!! FABULOUS interpretation of 'Stacked', soooo creative! And you have a perfect 'Winter Wonderland' image, Im envious of those amazing looking wintery woods. So beautiful. 🙂 And your 'hole' image is perfection. What a GREAT set! Really well done and completely beautiful.

    And no, it wasn't "that" long ago Sugar Sugar came out.

  5. Beautiful images Deborah. Is it me or did you change the layout and look of your blog? I could be imagining things. I like it, no matter.
    Those linens remind me of my grandmother. She had some similar to that. Love your frozen and winter-very well done. Glad you are enjoying and participating in the hunt.

  6. Very beautiful pictures. I love the frozen picture! Your fruit picture looks like I could just pick the fruit up and eat it. Super Job! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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