And now for the weather…

There is a new look and feel outdoors today.
Through my lens I noticed this abstract pattern on a nearby roof top. 
Those little bits of snow look almost like white flags to me.
The white fade at the bottom is actually snow on my window sill
but it’s blurred because of how I focused.
And there’s a new look and feel here on my blog, as you can see!
I changed back to a blogger template so that I can reply
to your comments directly here. 
(If you also have a Blogger template and want to learn 
about the new comment threads, click here.
Stay warm!

11 Replies to “And now for the weather…”

  1. I like thie threaded comments much better! I had a really hard time replying to comments because I'd follow them to blogs and there would be maybe three blogs for each person and I didn't know which one to reply to..LOL Hopefully, I'll do a better job with interacting now. LIke your new layout!

    1. LeAnne,
      I have seen so many other blogs that had this feature and was frustrated that I could not reply directly on the page. So finding out that Blogger updated this just made my day!

  2. Great photo and I didn't know blogger had started this, so thank you for that. Yay! Love the new look. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  3. OH! YIPPEE! So excited for this new feature, Deb…thanks so much for passing that along!

    Your photos always say so much. Thank you for sharing.

    With love,


  4. Hi Deb! Just checking in to say hi and see if I could leave a comment…..Brenda says she cannot– not sure why that is. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Deb,
    Here I am – I was able to access your site by going directly to the home page – rather than following the link from my reader. Thanks for the tip. Love your new look. Great abstract pattern!

    1. Brenda,
      Google Reader or Blogger occasionally 'mess up' and I have the same thing happen with other blogs. Then it seems to spontaneously cure itself and all goes back to normal. I hope that will be the case for you. Glad you could stop by!

  6. Love this image!! There's something soothing to me about monochromatic repeating images. I wish I'd get a little snow again! I enjoy visiting your blog, you have such a wonderful way with words!

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