Frozen footprints

The phrase “frozen in time” has been going through my mind today, partly because of a photo idea, and maybe because it is winter (though it certainly has not felt like winter here).  I’ve thought of frozen food…freeze tag…ice cubes….freezing the action in a video…making something stop moving…and so on.

Then my thoughts came to photography, realizing that one reason we create images with our cameras is so that we can “freeze” a moment in time, and then go back and relive that little slice of life.  

This photo, taken just after Christmas in Illinois, keeps coming to my mind. I had gone out early in the morning because of the snow, taking my time and just enjoying that lovely hush that comes over the world when snow is falling. This old brick fence is interesting to me, so I spent some time looking at it and taking a few photos. 

Then I paused and looked back. Here are my footprints from that day, marking where I had been, preserving – “freezing” my path. My steps were not in a straight line, in fact it kind of looks like the path of a drunken sailor…but I assure you I was sober.  I had been meandering, going slowly, taking in the sights, the snow, stopping here and there to take in the view through my lens. Enjoying life in that place and time.

I have so many images from that visit in Illinois, of family, of pets, of One Very Adorable Grandson, and of life as it happened. I want to remember those golden moments and relive them as often as I can. Those photos are like these footprints on that path, telling me that I was there, reminding me that I can look back on my life and see where my path has taken me.

Yet while I think it is important to know where we’ve been, and to celebrate the memory of great times with family and friends, I am more convinced than ever that it is healthier to live in this moment.  It’s not an easy task, as I know from my own personal experience.  

This seems to be the message of this photo for me today, and perhaps for some of you, too. Take the time to meander, take in the sights wherever you are, breathe deep and come into this moment, and celebrate life as it is.  Just be.

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  1. I recognized that path right away! I had forgotten that it snowed while you were here. It's snowing again now, and it's very windy. Crossing my fingers that I'll 'have' to leave early. Hee hee.

  2. Deb – I wonder if the footprint path of every photographer would resemble that of a "drunken sailor" 🙂

    Meandering and wandering – those are my major ingredients for my photo walks. But staying present in the moment – that is something that I have to constantly work at. Beautiful image and words.

  3. Deb, I love your meandering footprints. I seldom walk a straight line either, unless I have to get somewhere in a hurry. Thank you for the reminder to wander more. (It's snowing and blowing here today, behaving like winter at last.)

  4. Oh this jumped right out of the reader at me. I love this image. So often your images have wonderful mood "built in". I used to be an exercise walker, but now I am more a meanderer. I like it, but my dog and my waistline are not so sure. Wonderful thoughts today.

  5. Good message, Deb — one that I am striving to put into practice. My grandchildren help me with this… kids in general just instinctively know how to just be. I love your image!

  6. I totally love this photo of the snowy pathway. So simple, and yet such a powerful message. One of the things that I love about photography is that, in every way, it helps you truly see the moment we are in; Sometimes from many perspectives, and it really helps me "seek the now" in my days, and moments of beauty that I otherwise may not have seen. Do you mind if I ask where in Illinois this was taken at. That is my home state. Really beautiful image and thoughts!!!

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