Recycled Into Art

Because the colors in these works of art are so bright and lovely,
and because it’s Monday and we need some color, 
and just because I loved this part of the Dayton Art Institute,
I’m sharing a few images from the children’s art room.
 Fish in the sea
 A kitty made from plastic bags

 Detergent bottles transformed into creatures
Manikins covered with jelly beans, heads turned backwards.
I’m grateful that our community provides a recycling service with our garbage pickup.
How about you? Do you recycle? Do you recycle stuff in your art that you create?
Thanks for stopping by…and Happy Monday!

9 Replies to “Recycled Into Art”

  1. You are so right about the colors — the fish are great and that kitty is so cute! I love children's art and have been teaching an after school art class since I retired. What fun!
    We have a nonprofit group here called reCREATE, which takes donations of recycled goods and offers art classes for kids, using the "junk". Such creativity!

  2. Wow, these are lovely. Love the cat and the jellybeans! A lot of our recycling goes to school with the Moo to be transformed into art – it's amazing what they come up with!

  3. WOW how cool and wonderful this idea is. I have never heard of it but will have to check it out.

    I do keep a little of our things for my art projects and hoping to keep more for the kids crafts.

    Thanks for sharing these with us.

  4. Children's art is so beautiful, ful of color and life, and your photos show it. That cat is gorgeous!!!
    Yes, I do recycle. Not much goes in the trash bin in this household. I also recycle some stuff into art, like those Starbucks frappuccino glass bottles, or tinsel, tissue paper etc. It is so much fun to create something new out of the old.

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