A Day at the Gallery

The last two days have been exciting and fun for me! 

First, the ArtSpace/Lima Photography Club held an opening reception for the juried photo exhibit, and I was able to be there and not only help but just be a part of the celebration. I did enter a photo which was not juried in, but that does not even bother me in the least –  because the quality of the photos that were juried in is just phenomenal. To be able to see the images that are hanging in the gallery now at ArtSpace is quite an experience. Getting to know the other photographers is so rewarding. They are all ages, men and women, with just about any kind of camera and all levels of experience.  I am inspired to work harder on improving my photography skills, get some images printed and framed, and enter a contest in the near future.

Today Mark and I were able to drive to Dayton, Ohio, to the Dayton Art Institute. The best part of the day was viewing the Norman Rockwell Exhibit, which was fabulous. This exhibit continues through February 5, 2012, so if you are any where close to Dayton and can see this, I highly recommend it.  Perhaps it will be coming to an art gallery near you.  

Toward the end of the Norman Rockwell Exhibit there was a cute little area set up with a backdrop and props where you could pose for your own Saturday Evening Post photo. This was the only place where we could take any kind of photo in the exhibit, so we took advantage of it.  Pictured above is my ‘model’…Mr. Mark, holding a toy dog that certainly looks “real”, or much like a dog would appear in a Norman Rockwell painting. 

The next photo here is from one of the smaller galleries within the Dayton Art Institute. I have to tell you I was awed by the beauty of the space where all the artwork is hung. The light coming through the windows, warming this bench, it was all so inviting. And you can see by the view outside that it has been a perfect day…unusually warm for January, but great for a day out.

There is a room for little children to explore art, specifically about creating art from stuff we throw away.  The art projects on the walls in that room are colorful, playful, and made from so much plastic junk that we automatically throw out.   The next image here is from one of the displays in that room. Note how many plastic lids and other items you can identify here.  

As you walk up to the front of the Dayton Art Institute you see this amazing metal sculpture, curving up into the sky. It reminds me of a rocket in flight without the rocket. I wish I had taken more time to photograph this but I’m happy with what I was able to capture.  I hope you get the idea of how this just soars into the wild blue yonder.  

Soaring. Going beyond. Seeking new horizons. Starting a new year.  Viewing artwork and being inspired. All of it seems to fit together.  After taking a bit of a break from the hectic blogging pace I had set myself up for in December, it feels like I’m getting my groove back.  I’ll be here tomorrow with the next Photo Scavenger Hunt!

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  1. Enjoying an art outing can be so energizing. Your last shot is just great! I got inspired just reading about Eve Arnold, the woman photojournalist who died a few days ago. She was phenomenal!

  2. Deb this is really a great post. Love all of your photos and especially the one of your husband in your very own Norman Rockwell. The art Institute in Dayton sounds superb, and i love also the sculpting of the rocket with out the rocket. Very nice and , indeed, looks as if you are getting your goove back. The holidays can be very stressful. Blessings!

  3. Deb, I really enjoyed this post! I lived in Dayton for five years (1995-2000)and it was so much fun revisiting the DAI with you. A friend of mine had mentioned the Rockwell exhibit – she and her family loved it, too. Your Mr. Mark looks absolutely perfect as a Saturday Evening Post cover boy. In fact, at first I thought it was a waxwork setup!

  4. Great post, the exhibition sounds amazing and how lovely to connect with so many other photographers. Love your last shot, great capture.

  5. Deb,
    I saw the Rockwell exhibit last year when it was at the Akron Art Museum – it was really fabulous – I have always been a big fan of Rockwell's art. I love your photo of the metal sculpture – the reflections and the soaring beauty of this piece are very inspiring – love the way you have framed it – you have really captured the idea of heading into the wild blue yonder. Which then reminds me of a great weekend we spent in Dayton at the USAF Museum.

  6. What an incredible couple of days you've had. I'm sure it was inspiring and exciting seeing all the wonderful art. I love the light in the third photo. It looks like such a warm, quiet place to sit and reflect on art! Love the recyled art…I just kept staring at it! And that last one is incredible!! Beautiful shape and reflection!

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