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Here is another group of images for today’s Scavenger Hunt.  The prompts are “What Is It?”, “Kids or fur babies sleeping”, “Joy”, “Window”, and “Half”.   Here is my take on those categories….

What is it…. about found treasures this time of year? On the right is an ornament made by my son, and on the left one made by my daughter.  

One of my fur babies sleeping. (Please don’t tell Rossfeld that he was not pictured here.)

As for Joy…. we heard the joyful sounds of these hand bells today.

Window….in our church building, built in 1910.

And there is Half of a cookie left here…we won’t mention who ate that half. But I will tell you these are home made ginger snaps and there aren’t many left.

12 Replies to “Scavenger Hunt Images”

  1. Deb,
    Lovely entries for this week's scavenger hunt. I especially love the handbells – the diagonal composition and the beautiful reflections off the shiny brass.

  2. I love hearing handbells! does your church have a group that perform for the holidays?
    your cookie habit seems to resemble mine! can't resist a good cookie – why, I'll even eat an okay cookie… must be the dough???

  3. oh this is just a lovely set of photos for the hunt. each one is fabulous. that cookie is making me so hungry right now. your fur baby is the same color as Daiseymae! thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello, I truly appreciate it. happy week to you Deborah.

  4. WOW what great takes for these prompts again, love when you share these.

    The kitty is adorable of course but the window is my favorite. Our church is rebuilt now and they didn't include these windows in the plans. So we sit in there now with no windows/sunlight coming thru. Kinda sad for me after all these years of having the gorgeous window by my side.

    I can tell you have fun with this challenge. LOVE IT

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