Light in the Darkness

Sunshine by candlelight…
That is what I have named this image. 

This sculpture by George Caruth sits on my kitchen cabinet, smiling at me all day long.  He’s really meant to be in a garden, but I enjoy him all year round this way by having him inside.  Tonight I was thinking of a photo prompt about “glow”, and decided to light as many candles as I could get my hands on and enjoy the light…through my lens.  

Then it occurred to me, after reading posts by several of my online friends, that many of us are having some sunshine withdrawal right about now.  But you know, just as Annie sang once…the sun will come out tomorrow! Winter Solstice approaches. The days will begin to lengthen, and inch by inch we will see a bit more light every day.  

There is light. It may be beyond the dark gray clouds, but it’s there. It may be surrounded by the busyness of life, crowded out by our own fears and doubts, but it’s still there.  And it definitely is within each and every one of us. Yes, all of us.  I love the greeting used at the end of yoga class, saying that the divine light in me sees the divine light in you.                                  Namaste

5 Replies to “Light in the Darkness”

  1. Deb – thank you for bringing some glow into my life today! And I like the thought that soon the days will start to lengthen – slowly yes – but "inch by inch". I can certainly understand why you keep your sun sculpture indoors, where it can bring its own unique smile to your daily life. Namaste, my friend.

  2. Lovely post, and you're right there is light within us and the days will soon start to get longer. Love the warm light of the candles and the glow they're giving the sculpture. Namaste. x

  3. You are truly a generous and thoughtful soul. This makes me warm and happy, just what I need to keep going this last week of the hustle and bustle.

    I love the way you send us messages, always touches me and is just what I need.

    Thank you dear friend.

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