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Recently I have been going through boxes of old cards and letters and thinning them out, getting rid of some, holding on to others. Today I pulled a box down from a shelf and opened it to find a stash of memories from around 1998. Christmas cards, with postage stamps that are marked “32 cents”…remember those?
What touched me was this handmade card from Patsy, a very dear friend in Illinois. Behind this cute little bear are the words “From the Heart”.
We live in such a different world, don’t we? Here you are reading this electronic message
on a blog and we email, text, post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, and send our communications in such diverse ways. In 1998 I was happy to send an email once in a while, not as a daily, frequent occurrence. And we are all watching as the postal service changes, cuts back, and we wonder about the cost of sending out these cards and letters.
All these advances in technology affect us in both good and bad ways.  I firmly believe that what we all long for, what we may be starving for, are message from the heart. Messages that tell us how you really are doing, tell what you have learned or how you have been blessed.  Sincere, heart felt, full of love. 
I’m so grateful for friends like Patsy who take the time to send us messages like the one pictured here. We had moved into a new home hours away from Illinois and messages from those we love and had worked with really helped us get through a time of change.
How about you? Are you a card and letter keeper like me? Have you found messages that lift your spirits and touch your soul?  
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  1. Deb – I, for one, am grateful for these virtual connections, this technology that allows me to connect with women such as yourself – with whom I can share my art and be inspired by yours – even though we are physically miles away. I agree with you that no matter the mode of communication, whether it be electronic or physical, the important thing is the sincerity of the message.

  2. Electronic communications has broadened our options for reaching out and I think that's mostly good. But, I do keep cards I receive. It has been a couple of years since I've sent out Christmas cards, but I'm going to do so this year and try to take some time to write at least a small personal note, as you said, from the heart.

  3. I love the real old fashioned paper cards and communication! Have a large box of these that i love. Have gone back through them many times, and even used some in collages for framing. BUT, I am also having so much fun with my blogging and meeting new friends that I would have never met before. Think both types of communication have their own important place in life. Something to really think about!

  4. This was a great post to read. Up until I started my blog almost 2 years now the computer and all techie things were not for me. I loved picking up my house phone to make a call and love HAPPY MAIL!! Well that changed since my blogging and my dad is the one who got me a Blackberry like his so we could stay in touch easier. So it is a blessing to have met you and few other blogers and sharing stories and pictures too. I'm grateful for online friendships. The cell phone is a blessing as to keep in touch with my daughter in Florida, she loves texting me and I send pictures of the kids to her.

    What really makes me happy and puts a smile on my face though is HAPPY MAIL!! My kids even fight over who gets the mail each day. We love getting holiday cards and seeing what's inside. I do keep most of them every year and like to frame them too. Every year I buy lots of variety holiday cards and send them out. It makes me happy knowing the receiver will be surprised and thrilled to get HAPPY MAIL.
    Thanks Deb for sharing and what a cute little card. From the heart is always BEST!!

  5. Beautiful post to wake up to this morning! Although I do enjoy the world of emails, blogging and such, I am always so touched to receive something in the mail. The fact that someone took the time to buy or make a card, hand write the message and mail it is so special. I keep all my cards and letters that I receive. I just went through a box of Christmas cards that spanned back 43 years and was flooded with memories. With our online friends we'll not be able to do that. But, there is more frequent contact between online friends and I love that. My day wouldn't be complete if I couldn't visit with these friends. I enjoy your friendship and your blog!

  6. I do love to pull out the boxes of old letters to read — it's like stepping back in time. I have my Dad's notebooks from the 40s….fascinating reading. We won't be able to do that with cybercommunications. However, I am grateful we can connect with people from all over the world here on the internet. Wonderful post, Deb.

  7. There is nothing like getting "real" mail, something personal and special, in the mailbox, and I do save and savor them down through the years. But, as others have commented, I love the possibilities for connection opened up by technology. I have new friendships that I treasure, though we may never meet in person. Yesterday a photographer from Romania visited my blog! That just blows me away.

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