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  1. Wow, you are lucky! My cat Stevie will not sit on my lap at the computer, he is quite particular. I have to be sitting with my legs up and quilt on my lap. I guess the one good thing is it makes me get away from the computer, if only to give him some love. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this in Many Muses Musing today!

  2. How sweet this is!! Such a pretty color of orange, love this.

    My dog sits under my chair, sometimes pushing my legs out of the way and I end up sideways which is very uncomfortable.

  3. This is so cute!! Why did you call him/her Yeller? Does s/he yell a lot?
    I have a neighbor's cat who practically lives in my yard. If she could she'd probably take residence in our house. However, my husband has very strong allergies and a cat in the house is out of the question. Otherwise I'd have a little tiger in my lap as well.

  4. When this kitty first came to us he had a brother that we adopted, too. The owner, a wonderful lady, called the cats "the yellow one" and "the black one"…all due to the color of their fur. Those names stuck when we got them home. They became Blackie and Yeller. Sadly, Blackie lost his life after being hit by a car about 18 months ago. We waited a long time, and just a few months ago we found another kitty, Rossfeld, who now lives with us. Yeller had to adjust, but now they are friends.

    Naming cats is a challenge sometimes!

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