December 11th Scavenger Hunt

Here are my images for Scavenger Hunt Sunday today. I am featuring 4 of the 5 categories: less is more, holiday lights, ornaments, and nativity.
Less is more.
Our Christmas tree. For our small home, and for just the two of us,
this tall, narrow tree works well. 
We prefer fewer ornaments…the beauty of simplicity.
Holiday Lights.
Early Saturday morning, looking out the window. The little lights and greenery
I have placed on the window sill compete with the light of the morning sun outdoors.
When you look at holiday lights, do you ever blur your eyes to get a different view?
This was shot out of focus intentionally. 
Glass ornaments I hung from the lace on my kitchen curtains. Some are so old they have
“age spots” on them, but they still reflect, giving the illusion that there is more light.
I spent several minutes crawling around the coffee table, viewing this nativity 
from different angles, taking several photos. 
The ears on the little lambs, the bend of the mother’s head 
over her wee one, the bokeh light that almost is a halo, 
all this added up to make a memorable moment.

To learn more about Ashley Sisk and this Scavenger Hunt you can click on this 
button to visit her website.

16 Replies to “December 11th Scavenger Hunt”

  1. Your tree is simple and gorgeous, I love that. How fun to take all these theme photos, love them all. Hanging ornaments in my kitchen is a favorite of mine also and the old faded ornaments are always a favorite too.

    Thanks for these fun ideas, will go check out the link.
    Happy Sunday!!

  2. I really love your holiday lights shot. It feels so peaceful. I'm not a decorater for the holidays, but those ornaments aligned on the valance are very sweet. Nice to take a black white process on that. Hope all is well.

  3. Deb – love your decorations, especially the ornaments hanging from your curtains. I bet they look wonderful with the sunlight streaming through.

  4. your nativity shot is adorable. the little lamb almost appears real! I too live in a small place, so our tree sits on JPE's box he uses as a small altar. Need to take a few pictures of our tree. As always, I love visting your blog.

  5. I love everyone of these!! Beautiful tree and ornaments! I love your POV on the lights and on the nativity!! Your home looks so very warm and cheerful!!

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