A Vintage Postcard

In The Christmas Candlelight
I cannot speak across the silence;
but in that mystic land where
friend with friend communion holds,
one needs no word to understand.
And so, tonight, as memory hold me,
as from my heart I send you cheer,
I know you’ll know how much I’m meaning
with my
“Merry Christmas, Dear”. 
(Mary Cromwell Low)
These are the words on this vintage postcard that I found among a huge stash of old Christmas cards, letters, mother’s day cards, birthday cards…boxes and boxes of stuff. I have been cleaning these boxes out, letting go of a bunch of papers that have needed to go for a very long time. And it feels so good to have that done…although there is plenty more to do.
This card has a post mark of December 14, 1912.  I do not know who wrote it, nor do I know person who received it.  And I have NO IDEA how it came to be in my possession!  But it is really cool and in excellent condition.
Here are some of the words from today’s photo prompt with Picture the Holidays:
There is nothing more fun than discovering the right word at the right time. It may be meaningful and telling or it could just be something random and entertaining. Signs can warn us, lead us, remind us or even state the obvious. Whatever the case, it’s our job to interpret the signs as they pertain to our own lives. What the signs really say is up to us.”

For me, this post card was my “sign” today. It’s sweet little poem a tribute to friendship…”that mystic land where friend with friend communion holds…” 
In sorting through an astonishing amount of old cards, deciding to toss some and yet to keep a few that hold precious memories, it became obvious why I had held on to them. Each piece in some way was from that “mystic land” if you will. Reading each hand written message takes me back there.  
Such a beautiful place…..

4 Replies to “A Vintage Postcard”

  1. I love this and that you found it. How cool to have all these treasured old cards to sort thru. This one is beautiful.

    Have fun going thru the rest and hope you share some with us.

  2. What a treasure you found! A lovely photo with such lovely words. We are all miles and miles apart, but we do have a special dear friendship. I'm glad you are my friend!!

  3. Deb,
    What a lovely discovery! I think that is a wonderfully poetic way to describe our virtual friendships – a mystical land of communion.

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