Reflecting…on the holidays

Just wanting to share with you this image from this morning.  The prompt was to find a reflective
surface, a mirror or anything, and capture an image of the holidays. This photo has
been processed with Lightroom 3, using a preset called “aged photo”. The actual colors are
gold and red…but I just love these soft tones. And a closer look will show that I am actually
reflected in the middle of the 3 jingle bells, behind that lens of course.
I love the way the light is reflected here.
This is that season of darker days, shorter days, and we all long for that light.
Where do you find that light?
Is it in something external?
Or are you able to go to a quiet place within 
and warm to the light that lives in us all?
Peace and blessings to you all….
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4 Replies to “Reflecting…on the holidays”

  1. I love this!! Your composition and processing are beautiful! It makes the image so rich and elegant! I, too, love the light and dread the short days of winter.

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