Photo Scavenger Hunt

The photo prompts for this week were portrait, nostalgic, time, full of light, and motion.
Here is what I found….
Hardest thing in the world to do is a self portrait, in my opinion.

I came home from my parent’s house with several old cameras.
This one happens to be The One I began with, my own Kodak Instamatic 100. 
There were even unused flash bulbs in the box.
I have lots of great memories connected to this! I thought it was lost for good.

I thought of the time signature at the beginning of each piece of music.
What if we could move through December “slowly, with expression”?
Full of Light.
I love the windows on my neighbors house this season.
They are indeed full of light, warm and inviting.

I went back to the week before to get this photo. 
My mom knits all the time. 
These are her hands in motion. This always fascinates me.
Probably because I can’t stand to knit.
(Although I do know how to do tatting..)

Have a beautiful Sunday!

16 Replies to “Photo Scavenger Hunt”

  1. Beautiful shots. I agree, self portraits are so hard, but you did a fantastic job. LOVE your interpretation for time and that Kodak instamatic is gorgeous. Fabulous set.

  2. You found such beautiful images for the words. Yes, I agree about the portrait – I think it difficult as well. I love to take portraits of my daughter, though. BTW, I started out with a Kodak instamatic as well when I was ten. Your interpretation of time is wonderful and so appropriate for this season.

  3. Ohhh – you brave girl – doing a selfie! A beautiful one, as well. I keep being drawn toward that but still haven't had the nerve to point the camera at myself.

    Love the flying knitting hands. And the creative interpretation of time – I like that thought of appraching the holidays "slowly, with expression".

  4. Deb, what a lovely self portrait! I love the lighting you used. I had an Instamatic just like that one, with the pop-up flash and insertable bulbs. The first time I used it was to try to take pictures at a Beatles concert. (You can imagine how well those turned out.) Thanks for stirring up the memories!

  5. your interpretations are wonderful – I love each one. I had an Instamatic 104 – it was my first camera and I kept if for many years until finally throwing it in a box for Goodwill. I think your self-portrait is beautiful and I agree, it isn't easy to do. I'm taking an on-class about just that – You Are Your Own Muse. check it out. it's great. my favorite is motion. it's an excellent shot. I love her hands. thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello, I truly appreciate it. happy week to you Deborah.

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