Thirty Days of Thanks (but not the end)

Little did I know how much this project would change me.

Like so many of you who have visited here and shared your remarks, I, too, have had a gratitude journal in the past…at a time when I was in a really different place in my life. And the results of being intentionally grateful each and every day did lift me up and help me through some dark days.  Making this my daily practice at this stage of my life has been surprisingly different.

First of all, going “public” with this, sharing my idea with all of you and making a commitment publicly was very powerful. Whether you know it or not, you were all holding me accountable, at least in my mind.  Secondly, creating an art journal to go along with this process, forcing me to create some art each day, has opened my heart and let that little sassy blue bird out of the cage. I think she is here to stay.

And there is a third thing. All the beautiful comments, the sharing of your thoughts and experiences here has really inspired me. Some of you have shared your own journey through blogging, and I have read as many of them as possible. We all lift each other up when we share what really matters, what speaks to our heart, what we are most grateful for in any given moment on any given day. Thank you to all of you who have shared in this with me, either silently or publicly.

Here are images from my art journal entries in the past week.

11-23 thirty days
Wednesday the 23rd I was out with my camera (imagine that). I gave thanks that day for that camera, for being able to see so much beauty everywhere. I believe the photography has helped me in more ways that I realize.
11-24 thirty days Thanksgiving Day. At my parent’s home. Having some of that “porch time” in front of their fireplace. That is what found it’s way to the journal that evening.
11-25 thirty days Friday, November 25th, here is what I wrote: “For all the prayers I have heard from my father’s lips. Heartfelt, sincere, full of gratitude, full of reverence for our Creator. For joining hands in prayer before a meal, for the tears that often fall during these special moments….”
11-26 thirty days Saturday, the 26th. I read on Creative Spiritual Women a wonderful article encouraging us to think about what we love. Start thinking about what you love and see how it changes your heart. Even in yucky situations, shift your focus to what you LOVE about that place and time.  This can change your life.
11-27 thirty days Sunday. After seeing a video of my grandson walking, I had to write this. All you grandparents out there know what I’m talking about.
11-28 thirty days Monday, the 28th. “I am grateful for the “his”-story and the “her”-story of all my ancestors who have gone before. for the legacy they have left for us, For what I have learned from them.”  This came to me after spending an evening going through boxes of vintage cameras that have landed in my nest.
11-29 thirty days Tuesday. It snowed here.
I’m grateful for those warm coats, gloves, hand warmers, boots….all that clothing that keeps me warm.
11-30 thirty days And today, the last day of November, Little Miss Sassy Blue Bird has finally come to terms with those things that sag, with all that she is, and she is smiling. I wrote, “I am so thankful that Everything Is As It Should Be. How blessed I am to know this and to trust that it is so.”

Thanks for sharing this month with me! Now I hope that all of you will have a peaceful and blessed December.

5 Replies to “Thirty Days of Thanks (but not the end)”

  1. Oh, Deborah, what a beautiful finish to your 30 days of gratitude! I love your little blue bird and hope we see more of her! Your little bird with the camera is great!! This has been a very special month for me, the photography classes we took, the 30days of gratitude you've encouraged me participate in and the wonderful family times I've had. I'm looking forward to you sharing more ov your journal!!

  2. I'm so happy that you enjoyed this month and even more happy that you shared it with US. Thank you so much for putting so much of your thoughts, art, family, stories out there for us to see and be inspired by.

    I can honestly say that you've made me laugh, chuckle, cry, love, feel blessed many many times this month. You have a true gift here and hope to see more of it. That sassy little bird is so cute and fun, love love that you made it part of your story.

    Merry December to you !!

  3. This was a beautiful post to end a special month. Your art journal makes me smile while also helps me to remember all of the things that I am grateful. Once you start this journey it is something that totally changes your life.

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