Porch Time

On the front porch of my parents home there are places to sit and a bench to rest on so you can just enjoy the fresh air, sit and pet the dog or the neighbor’s cat, or just watch life go by on their quiet street. This rocking chair pictured here always gets my attention because of the craftsmanship, the aged wood, the simple design. The quilt thrown over the back is one made by my mom, using scraps of fabrics on hand just as her mother before her once did. 

Together this rocking chair and quilt bring to my mind how important it is to spend time with each other, with our loved ones, with our friends. It invites us to invest in one another a little bit of ourselves, to listen without interrupting, to accept and love unconditionally.

Our world is not a front porch world. We don’t often make the habit of resting a while, let alone sitting on a friend’s porch and visiting. What would we miss if we did that? I’ll let you answer that on your own.

As we were preparing to return home last Saturday, my husband remarked that we had enjoyed our time with Mom and Dad, and he expressed his appreciation of the stories we had heard. We had spent our “porch time” inside in front of a warm fire in the fireplace, letting the dog sleep on the couch beside us, and just drinking it all in. Precious moments indeed.

There are many things I have thought of this month as I have daily written in my journal about gratitude, yet I have only touched the tip of this Mountain of blessings.  This rocker will some day rot away. The quilt will fade and eventually tear apart. But in my heart I will always carry the warmth, love, and comfort of this time that we shared. For this I will be forever grateful.

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  1. Deb,

    This is so beautiful, love love when you share like this. I'm a porch dreamer too, have had this dream for my whole life really. Hoping one day to have this porch and just sit and let the day pass us by. My porch will also have a rocker and a swing. Thanks so much for sharing this and making me dream happy porch thoughts before going to bed.

    p.s. so glad you got this quiet time and enjoyed yourselves.

  2. I love porch time both at my parents and at my own home. Some of my best porch time is spent with a cup of coffee or tea all by myself, too. My boys grew up having milk and cookies on the porch with grandma and grandad and even grown up, they still want to do that.

  3. Spending quality time with family and sharing those stories is priceless. I'm glad I had lots of time with my Mom in her last months to hear her stories. Great post!

  4. Deb,
    Your story brought back memories of my grandparent's porch in Louisville, KY. They had a big covered porch with porch swings at either end. I loved visiting there in the summer and swinging on that porch with everyone gathered round. My mom and her sisters were a barbershop quartet when they were growing up and they would serenade us with the old songs. Thank you for sharing your own story and your lovely photo.

  5. It's that old adage – that nothing lasts forever. And even more – that we need to be grateful for all that we have today..in this moment.

  6. Beautiful post!! I love the nostalgic look of the photo!! My dad has Alzheimers, most of what he remembers is in the past. I so enjoy listening to him talk about his youth. I cherish the "front porch" talks we have!!

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