A Photo Scavenger Hunt

Today I am linking up to Ramblings and Photos by Ashely Sisk. She gives a list of “themes” and challenges participants to come up with 5 fresh new photos during the week.  The captions in quotes on these images tell you what the themes were for the last few days.

“Waiting” … for the end of my work day.
“Foliage” outside the office as the sun was setting
“Knife Fork Spoon” – a serving piece with bling left at work after a carry-in
“Rule of Thirds” – the cranberries are close to one of those imaginary lines.
“Candid” – An artist decorating a bakery window in Parkersburg, WV

This was fun to do. Photo prompts help me get out of a rut in picture taking, and encourage me to look at new things. Many of my blogging photographer friends participate in this…and I just have to jump in!   You can learn more by clicking on the link below.

15 Replies to “A Photo Scavenger Hunt”

  1. Hi Deborah, yay! you're in too! Love your interpretations – especially waiting and candid. I find the same, the prompts really helps me explore new things. Great shots. Look forward to seeing your hunt next week. 😉

  2. Deb – Love your interpretation of "Waiting" – what a unique POV! I can feel your desire to have the day come to an end. The red of the cranberries is good enough to eat – love the contrast with the subdued golden tones of the rest of the image. Also love the POV of the fork, with the focus on the beading. Obviously, going on a hunt inspired you!

  3. So glad you jumped in….and did so with both feet and a big splash. Wonderful shots. You have some great POVs-like the cranberries (and such color) and the clock. Glad to hear I'm not the only one waiting on that at work. Hope you come back again next time. I find this linky a wonderful excuse to step away from the usual and shoot something different.

  4. I'm fairly new to this challenge as well but love seeing everyone's creative take on the prompts. Your shots are great – the POV on the serving piece is very unusual.

  5. Your interpretations are wonderful!! I love the different POV's you've used. My favorites are the candid shot and the 2/3 shot. I've thought about trying the Scavenger Hunt, but I'm not sure I'm that creative! I may try it after the first of the year!

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