Thirty Days of Thanks – Week 4

It has been so encouraging to me to read the words of gratitude this month. 
And it is heart warming to know that so many have made it a goal to do this regularly. 
I have a few of my journal pages to share with you from earlier in the week. 

Friday I wrote that my cup really overflows.  Not just my coffee cup, although that is what I drew. I was enjoying a good cup of tea, thinking of how many times I have enjoyed tea with friends, coffee with my Dad and others.  I imagined the words “thank you” rising up with the steam.
My blog is officially a year old as of this week! Plus we helped a dear friend celebrate 91 years of living on Saturday evening, so milestones and celebrations were on my mind.  As you can see, that little blue bird is back, and she is questioning why my cupcakes aren’t sitting on anything. But as my friend Julia said, this journal is not about “good”, it’s about listening to my heart and creating what comes.  Little birdie is just going to have to get over it!
Sunday. I listened to a young mom tell a story that happened a long time ago in her life, and I was mindful that sometimes we have to put those stories behind us.  It’s time to turn a new page and look at this moment, celebrating the good rather than dwelling on past hurts. I became very aware of my own stories that I have perpetuated. How grateful I am that in this moment, a new story has begun.
That theme of abundance comes up a lot this month. When others have so little, or have lost all that they have, how can we Not share from the surplus we all hold on to? I’m very thankful that we have been blessed with everything we need, and that we can share it.  Little blue birdie is telling me that her nest is crowded….
One day this week it was pouring down rain as I drove to work. At a stop light I noticed a city worker trying to unclog a storm drain, and the passing traffic splashed him with so much rain water he had to back way up and wait a while.  What a thankless job, I thought. That image stayed with me all day long, which is why my journal talks about people who work in different ways to provide our food, to keep us safe, to keep our streets clean and keep rain water from over flowing every street corner.  Where would we be without that garbage man?
I trust that you all have had (or maybe are still having) a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have been able to celebrate the holiday with my parents, which is something we always treasure. 
Enjoy your weekend!

8 Replies to “Thirty Days of Thanks – Week 4”

  1. Great journal pages! and recording gratitude changes your life so much! Is this a formal place that you post these. Have not seen where it is

  2. Your journal pages are each so different and celebrate so many wonderful things each day. Having a gratitude journal can certainly change how we view each day. Thank you for sharing your week and your thoughts.

  3. The NY Times just had an article yesterday about the health benefits of cultivating gratitude — but we already knew how what a good practice it is. Your journal is so colorful and fun! Happy blogging birthday!

  4. Happy Blog Anniversary!! You have shared amazing things on your blog. So excited to be here to help you celebrate. That little birdie sure is happy,lol

    I can't say it enough, your journal is sooooo fun and awesome. I'm so glad you decided to do this. IT really is showing us a side of you that agrees with you. Your a great artist and cartoonist.

    Love hearing what your thankful for and that you see the little things each day. We are luck to have overflowing cups aren't we.

    Simply lovely, really hope you keep doing this.

    hugs and smiles,

  5. Hi Deb
    You are quite the illustrator! Your kournal is bringing out the playful side of you, even tho you are touching on important issues you are staying light. I think the little blue birdie will be your signature companion. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  6. Sounds like your had a wonderful week! Congrats on your blog anniversary! Love the page with the bookshelf, such a creative idea to illustate your gratitude that day!

  7. Your gratitude journal is so inspiring, Deborah. So much we have to be thankful for and it's such a neat habit to keep 🙂

    Happy 1st Blogaversary,

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