Getting those prints made

Have you had the experience of getting prints of your digital photos and wondering why the edges were cropped or your loved one’s head was cut off? Kat has a great article about why that happens and what to do to avoid the decapitation of your loved ones.  You can read that article by clicking Here

I decided to experiment with an image I took yesterday of a little statue in my neighbors yard.

Here is the original image, in the 3:2 ratio.
This one is cropped to 5 x 7.
And this one is cropped to 8 x 10.

My preference is the last one, in 8 x 10, because it preserves the image but crops out the extra stuff on the sides.  If I were to use the second example, in 5 x 7, and send it to the printer I think the head might get cut a little too close.

Be sure to read Kat’s article to learn more about printed aspect ratios.

7 Replies to “Getting those prints made”

  1. These are perfect illustrations for Kat's study of ratios! I also prefer the last one — a beautiful image! Have a lovely holiday!

  2. Great examples Deb! I'm so glad that you played around with this and shared your results. I agree, the 8×10 crop is great for that image, so beautifully contemplative in this point of view.

  3. Deborah thanks so much for sharing that article and the examples. Don't print that many photos, but it is really helpful for those that I do print, and have not really given that much thought!

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us, I need to read that post. This was helpful for me, as I never know what size to get some of my photos.

  5. Gotta always be careful when having images printed. Yes – it's interesting the way in which the cropping happens – what is left out..and what is kept in. Wonderful 'study'!

  6. Lovely photos and great examples. Kat's piece was so helpful, I'm trying to do prints for Christmas gifts and had paid no attention to it up to now! Your last crop is beautiful, my fave too.

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