From my good old hardback dictionary…
Find: discover by searching.
Find oneself: to learn ones abilities and how to make good use of them
Eye: the ability to see small differences in things

This was an invitation to discover, by searching our heart, soul, and even our photo archives, to determine our own personal photographic style.  The question always came back, “Have you found your eye?” During the working of each assignment this last question I think was far from my mind. Now that the course is finished I have reviewed all my posts here from the course, looked at the changes in my own photos, and finally it is all weaving together.  

There are some of the experiences from this last session that stand out, that really helped me look closely at my photographic style.  

Going for an observation walk, without any camera, and then being able to see in my mind the details that stood out – this was powerful. No technology to hide behind. Just step back and enjoy the view and pay attention. What I noticed are the things that mean the most to me, that speak to me and tell a story.

Defining just what art is lead me to see that art is all around us waiting to be noticed. More importantly I came to understand that we are all artists, each with unique points of view and talents and abilities. We all express our art in our individual ways, which is what makes this world a beautiful place.

Discovering the kinds of art that do not speak to me helped me see just what does move me. It all has to do with story.  You have a story to tell and so do I and so does everyone.  Artwork that lets me learn a bit of your story touches my heart. And I like to create images that tell a story.

Then there was the discovery of a series of images in my photo archives. That love affair I have with leaves will continue, and has been there as long as I can remember.  Creating a new series of images, even with something as mundane as a tin can waiting for the recycle bin, revealed to me that I like to look deeper. 

All of this weaves together into a beautiful pattern, creating a story for me to at last see for myself…because it is my story. I am a photographer. I am an artist. 

I can answer that question (have you found your eye?) now with a firm Yes. Even as I do so that process of discovery continues…as it should be.

5 Replies to “Discovery”

  1. Hooray for you discovering all these about YOU and your photos. I love the way you tell a story, it makes me feel like I'm there right beside you. The post of your walk without a camera was a favorite of mine and hope you do it again. We are both storytellers and the happiness we get from it shows in what way we show it. I will always think of you when taking pictures of leaves, always a favorite.

    So glad you enjoyed this class and what you learned. You are an artist!!

  2. I love that "Yes" in bold and large font! What confidence. I am so happy that you can say these things: You are a photographer. You are an artist. You have found your eye. How powerful and wonderful. And through it all, you see the journey continues. We will always be changing and rediscovering ourselves. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, it's been a great privilege to have you in this class!

  3. Deb,
    It was a privelege to have walked this journey with you. To watch you claim the titles of artist and photographer. To have witnessed your stories. To see your progress. I look forward to seeing what comes next – the surprises, the revelations, the lessons learned.

  4. It's been an amazing journey, hasn't it? We've learned and grown so much. I'm just so glad we had this journey together! Love your words "this weaves together into a beautiful pattern". You have such a great way wither words!

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