Thirty Days of Thanks – Week 3

This has been a powerful week. I don’t know how else I would describe it. Here are images from my art journal, and some comments and links that help tell the story.
Last week Mark celebrated a birthday, and his parents came all the way from Missouri to visit for a couple of days. They took us out for a very nice meal and just hung out with us. We were honored to have them here.  So, on Friday, Veterans Day, I expressed my gratitude for their visit, for their excellent health that enabled them to make the trip out here.  
For all the Veterans in my family I give thanks. And I was very moved by this blog post by LeAnne as she wrote of the Marines in her life. 
Do you see a pattern here in my art journal? There’s this little blue bird that keeps appearing every day now, as though she has been set free.
Saturday, the 12th, was a day of rest, a Sabbath indeed. There was even a nap in the afternoon.     ……..I heart naps.

Sunday, a day of worship, but also a busy day. We host Family Promise at our church and we were busy helping folks settle in for the week. I shared this art journal page on Monday, saying that “something clicked”. Spirituality can never be boxed up or confined, and extends far deeper and wider than we can grasp. 
That was the moment the little bird came out of her cage, I think.
Fast forward to Wednesday. That is the day I have yoga class in the evening, which I love.  From that practice I am learning to love this body that my soul currently resides in. But the art that came to the journal page shows little miss blue bird having a pout because “why does it all have to sag?”  Followed by the little cloud of words saying “get over it”.  Can you relate?

On Thursday my daughter called for some motherly advice. How grateful I am for the beautiful relationship we have! And though my journal entry is all about being thankful for my children and  for the gift of being their Mom…this gratitude is not limited to just one day. It is every day. I thought of the two quotes from my kids that mean the most to me, and they are written on the journal pages.   Two other online friends have also written about the joys of motherhood. My friend Dawn, who loves to scrapbook, writes of her gratitude and her family here. And Julia wrote a fabulous poem about what she “sees” in her little girl, which you can read here.
What was powerful about these last few days?
I found that once again on a Tuesday I was struggling to live from a place of gratitude.
A pattern emerged. Same thing had happened the week before, but why? All I know is that I need to get out of that pattern. My solution? Get out with my camera and look at the trees again, let the focus be on something new and different rather than the same old same old. It worked.
Thank you to all of you who share your thoughts and comments here, by email, and in person. I am truly grateful for each and every one of you.

7 Replies to “Thirty Days of Thanks – Week 3”

  1. Deborah,

    I just love Friday's now and seeing your posts. They make me cry and laugh at the same time. You are such a good artist, love these little birds. I can relate to that sagging bird, how funny this was. Your beauty for life is showing thru these pages just like your photos and I'm thankful again for finding you.

    The little phrases you mention for your kids are so cute, love that you captured these moments of them. I love doing that with my kids too, a book could be written about what funny things Sam says. My daughter Summer would have her own personal dictionary because she makes up her own words.

    Thank you for these links, I've come to read these thru the week now and are my new favorites.
    So glad to have shared another week with you. I appreciate your adding my link here also.
    Have a good weekend, feel that chill in the air!!!!

  2. I just love your journal. I wish I had such drawing talent! Thanks for the reminder of the benefits of taking a photowalk. I'm going to do one now!

  3. The drawings in your journal were exceptionally adorable! They have such energy with them. When you are ready you need to enter a birdie drawing in The Barve Girls Club "A Little Birdie Told Me". Each day they have an inspirational message and they feature an artist for the day. The drawing has to be a bird.

  4. Deborah! I just love the excerpts from your art journal. I am an avid journaler and think that it is so fun to have all of the color in your journals. Gratitude for the things of beauty ( and even the things that are not so beautiful) are such wonderful things to record. I am totally not artistic, so have to resort to printing my photos, cutting out things from my magazines, and ribbons etc to add color, but think it is so fun, and love going back over and over to see where I have been. Thanks so much for sharing this great post! Jeanne

  5. Your journal is so wonderful!! I love the little bluebirds! I've taken photo walks many times when I'm just not up to par; they always seem to help me relax and refocus!

  6. There is something magical and happy about your birds. I am sure they it makes you feel good to see them appear on your journal pages each day. It has been a wonderful experience keeping my journal each day and connecting with others who are doing the same. Have a wonderful weekend and Thanksgiving.

  7. Deborah – I just left a comment here, but I think it got lost in the http://www... so I try again.

    I love the little blue bird that has appeared in your art journal and I have a feeling that she will come way more often. Your art journal is very inspiring.

    I really like what you wrote about your relationship with your daughter. This is something I am hoping for to have with my daughter when she will be grown up and leading her very own life and one day hopefully having her own family. She is 13 now, she's a wonderful person and I think we have a good relationship (I hope she'd say this, too). She is my only child and I see her as THE miracle in my life, the biggest gift that was given to us. I will always be thankful for her.

    I really want to thank you for the 30 Days of Thanks because it has been the final kick in the butt to start a gratitude journal – different from what I thought it would be, and very rewarding. It has become a habit to write down what I'm thankful for every evening (sometimes a big challenge). It's a good way to end each and every day. Unfortunately, I haven't written a post about this last week of gratitude, but on this coming Tuesday (11/22) it's my turn at Vision and Verb, and I will post about gratitude then. I think you are familiar with the site.

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