To Everything There Is A Season

This could be known as Day Two With The New Lens. The Lens and I had an outing this morning, on this gray, damp, chilly day.  I drove out to my favorite woods in this area, a place where Mark and I go frequently, and where my two girl friends and I had our own photo walk a few weeks ago. The only other people there were park maintenance people. It was incredibly quiet and peaceful. 

I love the contrasts in this image, the bright yellows against the grays. The light against dark. And the lingering sign of fall yielding to winter’s chill.  

It’s good in my mind to know that already on these trees a bud is in place for the leaves of next spring. I found that very comforting today. I don’t know what those leaves will look like, but that does not matter. What matters is that they already exist.  That the tree will rest for a season, be replenished, and blossom into green luscious shade in just a few months from now. 

To everything there is a season.

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  1. The bright yellow leaves do look so pretty against the gray sky. Lovely composition in your image. I find the cycle of the seasons very comforting.

  2. I really like this and thought of this yesterday too. Just having a slight chill in the air and gray sky all day made me think of the next season. That yellow and gray together are pretty. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, just what I needed.

  3. I needed this today! It's been rainy, the rain and wind has beat most of the leaves off the trees. It already looks barren. But, you reminded me that it needs to be in order for the cycle to continue!! Great post!! beautiful photo!

  4. Quiet and peaceful describe this image perfectly. I always marvel over seeing those leaf buds, and wonder at how they survive the freezing cold all winter. I love that promise of spring, even though I know they won't be full-grown leaves before May.

  5. Deb, I love this photo so much–you really captured an essence here.

    I was taking a walk this afternoon and saw a tree with yellow leaves very much like this one and I thought how much I would like to capture it in a photo but I didn't have a camera with me…looks like you did it for me. It's seriously gorgeous. And I love your words…I love that the new buds are already there. This touched me deeply today.

    Sending love,


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