New lens, new focus

Somehow African Violets survive in my home. 
I think they like to be neglected, or they like the light
in the room where they live. Or maybe I got lucky.
I just took this photo this evening and totally love the 
velvet look in the green leaves, contrasting with the blossoms.
Have you ever noticed that these little gems actually glisten?
Okay, I have to confess, there is more than one reason that I took these images. 
I have a new lens. 
A Tamron 70-300mm F/4-5.6.
For my photographer friends out there, you must know
that I’m doing a happy dance!  And scratching my head…
trying to figure out just how this works.  Oh well, more
practice, more photo excursions, whatever it takes…
And I want to share a bit from my gratitude journal / art journal
that I worked on yesterday.  My heart is full of gratitude for 
all those I’m connected to, that vast web of people 
both at work and in my personal life,
in my biological family
as well as “adopted” loved ones near and far,
 who affect me in positive ways.
That new lens allowed me to focus on just those words,
“Love being connected!”

8 Replies to “New lens, new focus”

  1. Congrats on your new lens. You are doing amazing things with it already. Those flower shots are so pretty and they do glisten, never knew that.

    So happy to see your journal and words. Can you believe we are half way thru the month already.

  2. Congratulations on the new lense. I know you will have lots of fun with it. The leaves did look like velvet. How beautiful.

    I love drawing/painting in my gratitude journal. Thank you for the inspiration.

    I agree with Dawn. It is hard to believe that the month is half way over.

  3. You know me – I'm not one for gear but I can certainly see from your photos what new levels of creativity this will take you to. I look forward to following along – to see where this takes you. And I too am so grateful for the connections we have forged.

  4. Deb, congratulations! May you and your new lens share many happy dances together. 🙂
    I'm very fond of African violets. They are so exquisitely delicate and endlessly varied.

  5. Beautiful African Violet!! They bloom for me, too, with little or no attention. I do love their shimmery petals. Congrats on the new lens, you're doing really well with it! Look forward to seeing more macro shots. I was thinking today of the connections that have been made through photo classes and blogs. The classes end, but the friendships go on!!

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