Four Seasons of Leaves

For our final assignment of the Find Your Eye photography course we were asked to see if we could find a series of images in our own archives.  After spending some time going back through my files from the last year it became apparent to me that I have a love affair with leaves. It does not matter what time of year or even the weather conditions, there is just something about these fragile yet powerful little warehouses of color and energy that I am drawn to.

I have actually created a slide show of this leaf series to share with you here. It begins in the spring and ends with lovely red poinsettias in winter.  (What we like about those red flowers is indeed the leaves of the plant.) I chose to display them this way so that you can see how the colors transition from one season to the next.  

This entire course has been such a great investment in time, money, and effort. Through it I have found that by looking through that lens I can find so much beauty that otherwise would go unseen. Kat has put together a fabulous course that is user friendly and easy to adapt to your own life style. She has also recently redone her website, so not only can you learn of her classes but you can view her own lovely images and writing. Be sure to visit her at

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  1. Deb,
    What a wonderful tribute to your leaf passion! Such color and texture you have captured, going from the tender leaves of spring to the vibrant greens of summer, the flame of autumn and the rich red of the Christmas Poinsetta. A very creative way to show off your eye and your series. Seeing it this way, as a slide show, really brings home the impact of your work.

  2. Aren't you clever!! I love this slideshow!! You do have a passion for leaves and your capture them so beautifully! I gasped at the green heart-shaped leaf with the frost on it!! Gorgeous! Actually, I gasped several times!!! Such a beautiful series that can go on forever!!

  3. You DO have a love affair with leaves and they with you. You've created a beautiful series. I love that low POV fall shot and the leaves encircled with frost. I too have enjoyed journeying with my classmates. We have learned so much together. Looking forward to continuing to grow.

  4. Deb, your leaves are gorgeous. Each one, such a beauty! And, love seeing the seasons change through the changing of the leaves – beautiful. I have also really enjoyed this course, and travelling through it with all of our classmates. What a pleasure it's been. Looking forward to continuing to cross paths. Thanks for all!

  5. I love seeing the leaves this way, a slide show was perfect. Seems we both love our leaves and can't get enough of them no matter the season. They all looked beautiful and I can just imagine you there with them and enjoying them. Too many favorites to count and happy to see new ones for me. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. I love that phrase, "a love affair with leaves." It is so beautiful. The slide show idea is brilliant – what a beautiful way to progress through the year and the seasons. A fabulous presentation, I was so drawn in watching to see what was next. You are a wonderful photographer Deb, I look forward to continuing to see your words and images together beyond the class. Thank you so much for the wonderful recommendation, it fills my heart with joy that this material connected with you so deeply.

  7. Deborah, what a beautiful way to showcase your love of leaves! My favorite has to be that curled brown leaf with the frost-rimmed edges. It has been a joy to get to know you through Kat's classes. I'll be following your blog and keeping in touch.

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