Thirty Days of Thanks – Second Week

Being intentional about giving thanks, about living from a place of gratitude can be challenging. What gets in the way is the business, the change in routine, the negative news or attitudes of others. That is what I have learned this week. My whole idea of gratitude is changing in all of this. Have you had that experience, too?  
This is not just about writing lists (for me, anyway). My friend Valerie emailed me a few days ago to share her experience and wrote these words: 
“More and more I come to realize how seeking the beauty that this moment holds (and therefore the peace, grace, and joy inherent in it), being creative in whatever way speaks to you,  and living from a place of gratefulness are all intricately bound together in a way I had never fully realized.  I think I’m still realizing it. An appreciation of one these can’t help but deepen your experience of the others.  They all lead to each other and a deeper appreciation of the Divine.” 

Her wisdom sums up what I, too, am learning on this part of the journey. My art journal is evolving, and this week I chose to take a few photos of details of my pages to share with you, along with my main thoughts for each day.
Here are a few snapshots of my Thirty Days of Thanks 
project and art journal from the last few days.
Love that Endures was the topic 
of my gratitude on November 4th. 
What touches my heart is that love comes to us
through so many wonderful people all through our lives.
Saturday, November 5th found me reflecting on
the vast abundance that we enjoy. Our friend, Jim, said
“If there is a need, fill the need…”  How can I not share 
from such plenty?
Sunday, the 6th, as I wrote in my journal I thought of 
the freedom that I enjoy, in so many ways. There is that 
freedom to choose to live life the way I want. And, more importantly,
the freedom to get myself unstuck from choices that 
maybe I regret.  I’m free to fly.
Monday, the 7th. How blessed we are to have a home, 
a safe place, a sanctuary, our own nest where we 
can relax and be at peace. 
Some days it is hard to be grateful. That’s how it was 
for me on Tuesday.  Just as I was thinking to myself that I could not
write anything for that day, Yeller came begging for affection and sat 
on my lap. How is it that something as simple as petting the cat
can change your heart?  I melted. And I was so glad that Yeller helped me
come back into that moment.
Wednesday, the 9th. More challenges to trying to be in a mindset 
of gratitude. The random water colors reflect the frustration of that day.
But I did find that I can find something good in the negative.
Thursday, the 10th, is Mark’s birthday. We have been honored to 
have his parents here from Missouri, who came out so they could 
take us to dinner to celebrate! When you consider that they are both in their 80’s,
it’s pretty amazing that they could come for a couple days.
Pretty special people, who brought this wonderful man into the world.
I’m so so so thankful to be his wife.
Thank you for stopping by, and for sharing your gratitude here and with others.

8 Replies to “Thirty Days of Thanks – Second Week”

  1. This is so wonderful, I love this post!!!! How wonderful your art is and reading your thoughts each day, truly inspiring. You are doing a great job at this and hope you will maybe do more of this kind of journal after this month too.

    Sorry for the bad day and glad it could be turned around. This makes me happy and smiley just reading, thanks so much for another week of sharing.

    I'm hoping mine will be more day to day next week like yours is.

  2. Hi Deb
    Thanks for showing us a morsel of your art jouranling. I especially took notice to your character drawing. They are really cute. I will be waiting to do a "happy dance" when you break loose to display your art your are creating.

  3. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to keep my own art journal on gratitude. I have found that the longer I reflect on the things that I am grateful for the more things I find to appreciate. This time of year nature and all of its beauty has a terrific impact on me each day.

  4. Ah, Deborah, these are so beautiful! Life is not all easy and it is hard to be grateful at times. I love how your moment came suddenly, unexpectly from Yeller! I love your drawings, that is something I cannot do!!

  5. Deb, those challenges I have met as well, and it really is difficult to get into gratitude in such a moment. I am so glad you could find it! Your art journal is such a beautiful companion on this journey.

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