And So It Begins

November 1st! The beginning of a 30 day journey of living from a place of gratitude.  
I have written in my little journal today, and will share some of my entries on Friday, but meanwhile I write this just to encourage you to begin.  Often that is all it takes to get beyond whatever holds us back…just begin. 

Whatever method you have chosen to record your gratitude is just perfect, because it is a choice that has come from you. How you share it is all up to you. Of course, I’d love to hear of your experience, either by blog post or by email or in person. 

Creative Spiritual Women BadgeThis evening I’m sharing a link to a website called Creative Spiritual Women. The writing for today is all about being present.  To me this is all connected to being grateful because it brings awareness.  I hope you will follow this image/link to their website and read what Belle has to say.

Later this week I will share links to other blog friends that are joining me in Thirty Days of Thanks.  Stay tuned!

Sending you peace…

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  1. Happy November to you, it was a beautiful day for us weather wise and for the rest of the week. So thankful for this nice weather and want to get outside and enjoy it while we can.

    I wrote in my Thankful journal yesterday and we did some leaves for our gratitude door. The kids actually did 4 a piece and my funny husband did 2, so we are off to a great start.

    It really stayed on my mind all day to look for the little things and even the everyday things like my hot shower for the day. Just felt truly blessed all day.

    Hope you enjoy this day and your journal.


  2. I found a package of leaf-shaped paper doilies that I'm writing about gratitude on. I'm going to string them like a banner. There's so much to be grateful for. I may be adding more than one leaf a day!! Looking forward to seeing your journal. Thanks for the link, I'll check out the site!

  3. Dear Deb,

    I have found practicing gratitude/saying thank you to be one of the very most powerful/shifting things I can do. I was just thinking this morning that I want to start posting my gratitude lists on my blog again…your post here just affirms that that's what I need to do.

    I read Belle's post on presence yesterday & it really struck me–I completely agree with you that practicing presence & gratitude are so closely related–bringing awareness to what's right here, right now & finding the gifts that are here in the moment brings such peace.

    Thank you for sharing, Deb. I so appreciate you.

  4. My Friday's post is always about what I am grateful for that week. I also take time to think about how much I have to be grateful for each day. I have found that this practice makes life so much more rewarding and peaceful.

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