Do you remember learning about leaves in biology class? And that leaf collection you had to prepare? Please tell me that everyone had to have a leaf collection in high school biology class…

Yesterday I decided to pull out my good old World Book, and read about how leaves change color. All of the biology class stuff has leaked out of my brain, and I needed to learn about leaves again.  Maybe it’s because they are so stunningly beautiful right now. 

What I had forgotten is that a new bud for next spring’s leaf is already in place before the old leaf falls off the tree.  What I needed to be reminded of is that the leaf is the main food producing structure of the plant, that nearly all leaves have this same basic job. 

And leaves change color because a little disk of cork blocks the pathways to and from the leaf, cutting off the food supply.  Depending on the tree and the pigment it stores, we will see the various colors in the fall foliage. What an amazing design!

It all makes me aware of the cycle of life in each of us. Something new is growing in each of us, while something else dies. Is it an old habit that we want to let go of and replace with a better one? Could it be that we are letting go of the stories of our past and embracing the moment that is here, now? Maybe it’s the nudge to create something beautiful that is waiting within us for the right conditions to bring it forth. 

The real challenge, for me at least, is to look at what we let go of and see the good in it.  Some days we have to let go of what might have been an ugly thing, but we heal when we see the upside of what it was  – – even if it takes a long time for it to appear.   

Blessings to you this day….

5 Replies to “Leaves”

  1. A gorgeous picture to go with beautiful words. I too admired my leaves up close today and know that soon they will be gone. Just reading your words helped me feel good about letting them go and knowing they will come back another time. It is hard for me to let this season go and all it's beauty though. As I get older I love fall more and more and don't want to let go of it.

    Snow will be here before you know it,brrrrr

  2. We drove down the lane today, tall trees, leaves gently pushed into the air,filtering to the ground. The end of a cycle so that a new one could appear. Our daughter gives birth in a few days…the new will emerge from the old….it is life's cycle. Thank you for reminding me and putting into perspective what I experienced today.
    Gorgeous photo….warmly, Sharon

  3. Wonderful post!! Your image is beautiful and so are your words! It is hard to allow change in our life even if we know something better has been planned for us!

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