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It surprises me that I can choose a recent photo and see my shooting style.  Maybe it shouldn’t. But I can tell you a lot about my own personal style by telling how this photo came about.

When we decide to take a day trip, get out of Dodge, and do something fun for a few hours, my camera usually goes along.  I have a nice camera bag that holds it and protects it, and has room for many more objects, but for now it is just the Canon Rebel with it’s original lens. At one point I was trying to take this camera everywhere I went and realized that is just not my style. Not yet. If I can fit it in one of my handbags I’ll carry it that way, but you don’t always find me with camera nearby. I travel light.

When there is an opportunity to photograph something new, something away from our own neighborhood and yard, I love to take advantage of that. This was a beautiful fall day, with so many interesting sights and sounds, colors, aromas, people everywhere, and lots of very appetizing food all around.

I have not had the opportunity yet to go with more than a couple people to take photos. That will change because I have joined a wonderful local photography club that works hard at finding field trip ideas. When those trips fit my schedule I plan to take advantage of those excursions.

Depending on the setting I may use manual mode, or one of the other creative modes. And at times I use full auto, but of late that is rare for me. I like to have some control over the depth of field, or the exposure. This image here was taken in shutter priority mode since I was in such bright sun light and we were among a crowd of people. I try to be flexible and use as many features of the camera that I’m aware of.  Wow, do I have a lot to learn!

Of course, it’s all about the light. So many of us who take photos are drawn to it. Using available light is my number one preference. And if you’ve been following my homework here for Kat’s classes you’ll know that I am not opposed to using the flash when necessary. Either way, I try to capture images that best show the beauty of that moment, enhancing the light the best I can by how I compose the shot.

Everyday life. Ordinary events. Casual snapshots of friends and family. All these are my subjects of choice. One of these days I’ll try my hand at portrait photography, but even then it will be hard for me to pose someone. I much prefer those spontaneous points in time when you see the real twinkle in someone’s eye, when you catch them being authentic.

At this festival there were so many old bushel baskets filled with gourds, squash, pumpkins, turnips, onions…the tables holding them seemed to be groaning under the weight of it all. The colors, as you see in this photo, were bright, vibrant, just amazing. Just as there was an abundant harvest, so was there an abundance of color, made even more spectacular by the golden sun of a fall day.  These baskets were behind the tables, holding more of the harvest in reserve, and I just took the time to shoot several images. I think I was actually in The Zone for a bit there…I lost track of all sound and all the people around me.

(Written as part of the Find Your Eye Course.)

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  1. The colors are just amazing – so warm and delicious. Yes, the light is important – I prefer natural light and use it as much as possible. It doesn't always work, of course. I usually set the aperture and go from there, but sometimes I am in full manual mode. It really depends. It's always fun to play around and try things out.

  2. Love your image! So beautiful – it really reminds me of home. (How I miss Fall!) 🙂
    Great post! I love hearing about your own shooting style as I feel this prompt really opened my eyes a bit more to my own processes. Can't wait to read more about your eye and journey! 🙂

  3. Love the photo, the light catching the pumpkins is gorgeous. Fascinating to hear your process – both that and your focus on 'ordinary' sound very much like my style too. 🙂 I love this Patti Digh quote "Because it's our ordinary, we believe it's everyone's ordinary. It is not". Pretty much sums up the fascination of ordinary for me!:) Thanks for sharing. x

  4. What colors, what textures! Such outstanding evidence of your style – your love of light, of the small moments, things that others would pass by. But because you bring your photographer's eye to the world around you, we get to enjoy this evidence of autumn's bounty.

  5. Lovely post and image Deb! I like the "golden sun of a fall day" you captured, both in the light and the subject. How fun to learn more about you and how you approach your photography. Shooting style is all about choices that support your creativity. Thanks for sharing yours!

  6. Hi..I can feel the time of day in your beautiful photograph. Isn't this the best time of year to be out and about and reveling in all of the beauty. You did a wonderful job of explaining your style of photography. You do your own thinking and not influenced by others…that is so good. This was a great post. warmly. sharon

  7. I love reading your thoughts for the pictures you take. This is so pretty and warm with great lighting. I love all the color and textures in the photo, so FALL!!

    So glad your learning more about taking your photos and what you want to see from them. Congrats on taking a class nearby and going on field trips. That will be perfect for you and for us when you share what you learned.

    Just love this time of year. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Love that image!! The colors are marvelous-I'm sure you were "in the zone". I've not thought of that expression before, but it's a place that's wonderful to be in.
    You've done a great job expressing your style. I think it's interesting to note that you don't like to bring your camera everywhere. Cool. I feel like mine has become an apendage and there may be some friends of mine that do a little eye roll about that (until they see the pics I get). Great post….and Western cowboy shoot out. Very funny.

  9. You hit the nail on the head – I'm also astonished sometimes to recognize a "theme" or a "style" or to be able to express it at all – at the beginning of these courses, that all seemed completely out of reach. LOVE the gourds!

  10. Beautiful image!! I love your POV and those wonderful colors!! I'm looking foward to using manual mode more often. Already, these classes are helping me understand my camera a lot better! I enjoyed your post!!

  11. I just love your picture! The colors, texture and POV…great. Being in the "zone" is simply amazing…glad you were able to be in it that day.

  12. Love the colour and the lines and curves. It's lovely. And, I love how you described capturing the spontaneous moments so you can capture the twinkle in someone's eye..and the beauty of the moment. Really lovely!

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