Thirty Days of Thanks Button – revisited

Just a heads up for those of you who copied the code for the “Thirty Days of Thanks” button recently…  it was not working properly. (Thank you to Kara for pointing it out to me!) I have redone this and you will find the button image and code at the bottom of this page.  Please delete what you may have on your web page and replace it with this code.  

And because I really am glad that you want to join me for Thirty Days of Thanks….here is an image from our time at the Apple Fest yesterday.

apples and mum from the Apple Fest in Van Wert, Ohio

7 Replies to “Thirty Days of Thanks Button – revisited”

  1. WOW is that picture gorgeous and so bright. You are sooo good at taking pictures. love seeing the apples next to those pretty flowers.

    thanks for the info on your link. hoping to upload it to my blog.

    happy Monday to you!!

  2. Gals,
    When I chose this mum I did not realize how close the colors were to the apples until I had them next to each other. I'm glad you like the reds, too, because I just think it's amazing how they blend. Thanks to all of you for stopping by!

  3. Gorgeous colors – this is one of my favorite photos you've ever posted – and that is saying something because I love your shots!

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