A Tribute to Grandma Marge

This is Grandma Marge, holding one of her grandchildren,
Memorial Weekend 1988.
Cooking Christmas dinner in 1988 for her family.
I can still taste those yeast rolls, feel how hot her kitchen 
would get, and hear all the kids laughing and giggling 
in the other room.
Marge was always the last to the dinner table,
serving others first, doing all she could to avoid a camera.
I had to search to see if I had any of her at all, and was 
nicely surprised to find these.
For years she spent several weeks in the summer
cooking at church camp. Here, in or around 1973, she
is cooking at a youth retreat. She’s the first person on the right.
That’s Marge in the back, by the cooler, and Gramps, her husband
in the foreground. These images are only a tiny portion of her 89 years.
My daughter, Erin, recently wrote about Grandma Marge 
I’m writing this today in honor of a lady who really worked hard
all her life. She loved her boys, and dearly loved each grandchild.
She is the paternal grandmother to my son and daughter.
And she will be laid to rest tomorrow in Illinois.
My sincere condolences to Ryan, Erin, Rick, and all of her family.
Rest in peace, Grandma Marge.

3 Replies to “A Tribute to Grandma Marge”

  1. She sounds just like my grandma, especially the part of being last to the table.

    How wonderful to have all these pictures to remember her by. She sounds like a kind and generous happy grandma, thank you for sharing her with us.

    prayers and hugs

  2. Deb,
    My sympathies to your family. Those of us who had grandmas in our life like Grandma Marge should count ourselves lucky – for the love and the example of how to live a full life.

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