My Observation Walk

Earlier today I tried to write about my observation walk (an assignment for the Find Your Eye Photography Course – and we had to do it WITHOUT taking the camera along), and make it all fancy shmancy…but now that it’s been a few hours and I looked at my notes, I have chosen to just share my notes with you. Here is what I wrote when I came back from walking with Mark around our neighborhood.

—Frost, creating delicate edges on the leaves
—Steam rising from a chimney or vent on a roof top, looking ethereal against the morning sun light
—-A seed pod of a flower, coated with frost, and back lit by the sun, giving it an outline of pure light
— It was so peaceful. Quiet because there was almost no traffic. A Saturday morning when kids can sleep in, or watch cartoons maybe, but it was quiet.
— I noticed moisture everywhere. The siding on an old house was damp and actually glistened in the sun, giving the house a surreal magical look.
—You could hardly hear our footsteps in the wet leaves, quite different from how dry leaves will crackle and rustle.
—We noticed a tree house in a back yard, with a bicycle attached to the side, and several old pairs of tennis shoes hanging in various places. I wondered if the children of that home have outgrown all of these things, if they have left them all behind as landmarks on their journey.
—I saw frost on roses by the sidewalk. The flower smelled just as wonderful.
—There were red berries on so many evergreen shrubs, creating a wonderful contrast in colors.
—A gate on a fence was standing open, as if to say “Come on in…”  And within the fence was a child’s riding toy setting there ready to go.
—We passed a woman sitting in her screened porch, surrounded by Halloween decor, having her morning cigarette. I think we surprised her, walking by so early in the day.
—There are so many huge, majestic oak trees here, with trunks that twist as they climb to the sky. How many decades have they existed? Were there fields surrounding them or woods before the houses came?
—A plastic Santa, about 24 inches tall, was sitting on the edge of a sidewalk. Nearby was a plastic sword… indicating some fun child’s play.
—Moisture. I could see my breath. Remember when you thought that was cool when you were a kid?
—Nature taking over in places. Snapdragons blooming in a rock covered parking space; clumps of grass growing in the side of a tree stump; weeds and grass growing in the sidewalk cracks; trees that have been ruthlessly cut to allow for the power lines – but thriving nonetheless.

When we returned I knew that what I wanted to capture was a leaf with frost on it… just like so many of us have done before. But it had been just long enough that the frost was now drops of water. Still, the color of the leaf, enhanced by the moisture, just needed to be shared.  
What an amazing walk…

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  1. It is amazing how much there is to notice when we slow down and take the time to really look around us. The Santa also made an impression on me. I love the color of your leaf.

  2. Oh, I love this photo. The purple, the blue, the golden-brown veins and two green blades of grass, the delicate drops of dew…beautiful! Just sharing your notes was a great idea. I felt like I was on your walk with you.
    The verification word below is "blesses." That seems appropriate.

  3. I too felt that I was walking along with you on your frost-coated morning – feeling the chill in the air, catching the sparkling sunlight. So many things to notice in one walk – if we take the time.

    The mauve of that leaf is really lovely – with the tiny drops of water. Brilliant capture.

  4. Thank you for sharing your notes with us. I felt like I was with you on your walk, you describe so vividly what you saw that it was easy for me to see it as well. I love your thoughts that go with your observations.

  5. Wow! I'm so glad that you shared your notes. You saw so much. I loved the stories you looked for, in each scene. The stories we can tell with our camera, too. I love the photo you chose to go with this post. It's beautiful, and also shows the passage of time. You couldn't capture exactly what you saw in the walk, but you found the beauty of that new moment. And the images in your head will stay forever… Thank you for sharing this lovely post!

  6. I really really liked this post. Your words made me feel like I was right beside you taking in all the sights and sounds from your walk. I like that you used all your senses for this lesson.

    I think the tree house was my favorite, have always wanted one of those for my kids.

    I hope you do this again, seriously liked reading your descriptions and feelings for each thing.

    Will have to try this myself and I'm not ready for FROST yet, no way!! lol

    thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  7. It sounds like your walk was delightful! I love how you recorded so many details of what you saw and shared them in a list form with us!! I missed the frost the other morning, but I'm sure we'll get a second chance!! I really loved your post!!

  8. Your words are like poetry describing your walk. I love the image you chose to share. I also loved the artful way you displayed your words, varying the text size.
    I think you words make pictures too.

  9. Like poetry! I love your notes on your walk. I feel so inspired to go on a second one after reading this. I don't feel I caught nearly as much as you did! Haha. Just beautiful – I can picture it all!

  10. I can only echo the words of others..your words are like poetry…And, your photograph – it, too, is a poem. Truly beautiful.

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