I love all things pumpkin; pie, cake, muffins, even pumpkin soup.
I had a photo shoot with this little pumpkin today, 
then had all kinds of fun doing some post processing.
The image in the center was taken in black and white intentionally 
so that the texture would really show. 
The scars on the side kind of got my attention.
They are scars from growing. I can imagine this pumpkin
laying on the ground, attached to the vine, steadily increasing in size
all summer long. And while that goes on, something creates a 
little flaw in the skin that becomes permanent.
Scars. Flaws. Imperfections.
I doubt that this pumpkin would be 
as lovely if it were totally perfect.
Just as you and I would not be the people we are
without our scars, flaws, imperfections. 
Coming to accept this in ourselves 
is one of the most difficult tasks in life.
And also the most liberating.
Sending you love and peace…

5 Replies to “Pumpkins”

  1. Love your words – I think we get a bit too hung up on perfection – and your photos are gorgeous. I'm always blown away by the colour of pumpkins and that's always my focus but I love how you've explored other aspects, in particular I love the black and white version. You've inspired me to go and experiment, thank you.:)

  2. Deb,
    I simply adore this collage – the way it explores so many aspects of this lovely little pumpkin. A lesson in continuing to engage with our subjects, even when we think we are done.
    And as a recovering perfectionist, thank you for the reminder that making that my goal is a losing proposition – and that I should honor the flawed, the imperfect.

  3. Mom, I think this is one of my favorites of your posts! And Brenda, I've described myself as a 'recovering perfectionist', too. Our flaws definitely add to our beauty instead of taking it away. They're part of what makes us unique individuals.

  4. This is beautiful Deb, your words and pictures are so beautiful. This is what I teach my children everyday.

    Our pumpkins didn't all come perfect this fall but I told my husband to put them out with the rest, together they are all perfect and beautiful in their own way.

    Gorgeous pictures Deborah, love them!!

  5. Deborah, beautiful images and inspiring words to go with them. I'm another member of the "recovering perfectionist" club. The older I get, the more I realize it's the scars that make me who I am. As you said: scars from growing.

    But I had to laugh at myself! I've seen so many photos this year of people decorating with white pumpkins. When I saw your black and white images, my first thought was, Wow, black pumpkins, I've never seen those before! 🙂

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