My Thirty Days Journal

As promised I am sharing here my journal that I’ve been modifying for the Thirty Days of Thanks project. I purchased a Visual Art Journal from Hobby Lobby that has a nice heavy cover on it, then I applied some gesso and started adding different papers and some paint.  I think there is still work to be done on it, so as it speaks to me we’ll see what comes.

Thank you to those of you who have said you’ll join me in this! Remember that this is a no stress kind of thing.  You are not required to post anything on my blog or even on your own if you have one.  You are certainly free to do that and leave comments here.
If you have never started a gratitude journal but always wanted to, then take this opportunity and begin. Perhaps you have wanted to use your camera to document what you are most grateful for. November can be that time to start. 
I would love to have you share your experiences here or email me and let me know how it’s going.  While I will be journaling about this each day I will not be posting about it here each day – because I believe in being kind to myself when it comes to blogging and just don’t want to have that added pressure. If you are a blogger and would like to you can grab a button here
 My goal is for us to live from a place of gratitude for the month of November. How about joining us? 
“Disclaimer”: Be aware that practicing gratitude daily for thirty days may mean that it becomes a habit! 

2 Replies to “My Thirty Days Journal”

  1. I'm in! This is a wonderful practice….I did this several years ago with the Happy Book club. I like the no stress, no pressure part. Your journal cover is beautiful!

  2. This looks wonderful already, love the colors and the natures beauty of it. So happy your having some fun with it and will be sharing some of your days.

    I just purchased a little mixed paper journal from my new art friend. All sizes/pp inside of it. Hoping this will work for my album, just something simple but fun.

    Thanks for letting us share this month with you. love slowing down and remembering the little things we are thankful for each day. I will post some of it on my blog along with my other Nov. projects as well.

    Have a happy day!!

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