Just Beyond My Wings

Today I was up at dawn and out the door with my camera. I knew that today would be as gorgeous as yesterday, that the sunrise would be lovely, and that I wanted to explore with my camera. While taking photos of buildings and the light reflected on them from the sun, I happened to hear the sound of a mass of birds overhead, flying to some place unknown for a season. I had not intended to take this kind of image, but I’m glad I did. Photographically speaking it may not be the sharpest or the best, but that does not matter to me. What matters is what it brings to mind.

I’ve thought of this all day long, how often I have seen this same gathering and flight, year after year. What mysterious thing takes place that tells the flock of birds to move on? Is it all about food, or is it the temperature or the change of the angle of the sun? Whatever the event that starts the pilgrimage, it’s obvious that they know it’s just time to move on. These birds move on so that they can survive, returning when the time is right so that they can carry on here once again.

We can learn so much from all of Nature that surrounds us. Seeing the leaves change and fall to the ground makes me think of the growth of the summer and then the harvest. Can we see where we have grown over the past few months? Are you aware of a kind of harvest happening, where all that you have worked on has brought forth some kind of ‘fruit’?

I love the lessons from this flock of birds. When it’s time to move on, just do it. When you really want to be in that different place, just go, take that first leap and start flapping those wings. And there is safety in numbers…which also means we don’t have to take that flight alone. Just look over your wing and you’ll see another person flying just as hard as you. We can all encourage one another along the path.

After my photo exploration I came home to do a few more things before worship service. A surprise “gift” came in the form of very thoughtful email messages from two blogging friends.  Each one of them is on a journey filled with creativity, with trying new things, just as I’m learning more about photography.  I can’t tell you how much their messages made me smile, how it really made my day. Encouragement and love and support, coming at me from just beyond my own wings.

4 Replies to “Just Beyond My Wings”

  1. Deb, what a lovely and thoughtful post, full of much food for thought. Thank you for sharing your inspirations about how to live our best creative life.

  2. Thank you Deborah, you always know what to say when I need it. The photo is perfect since I tried twice to get the same photos myself and missed them. While at the track this morning I captured a little of the fall changes around me and then finally some birds flew overhead where the sun was rising and of course my camera decided to get stuck in the on/off position which it does sometimes and I missed the chance.
    Just seeing yours has made my day and the words/story you used are so thoughtful and true.
    Thank you for always sharing and making MY DAY!!

  3. Deborah, it feels like you wrote this post just for me today. What a wonderful lesson you've taken from those birds. Thank you for sharing those insights here.

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