8 Replies to “Spider Baby”

  1. Garrett is SOOOOOOOOOOO adorable – I loved seeing his Spidey adventures and seeing his super-amazing birthday party story. The photos here and on Erin's blog are adorable!

  2. How funny these are, love the descriptions you added. He is sooo cute and full of love for his grandparents.

    I peeked at the birthday pictures and loved them too. What a great cake. Happy for you two spending time with the family on this big day!!

  3. Oh! The sweetness, I can hardly stand it. Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning, Deb, and for sharing your precious, little love.

    Big hugs,


  4. Oooooh!!! He is so adorable!! Beautiful photos and such a fun post! Grandsons are the best!! We have four ranging in age from 2 to 9! They bring us such joy!

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