Color and surprise

Friday afternoon, after a rain, the sun came out and I noticed how beautiful the sedum
is in our yard. 
Close to the sedum I notice rain drips clinging to a spider web, not noticing the spider right away. I kept snapping away, getting a little closer. Then Mr. Spider decided to move in my direction very quickly… I should have saved that blurred image. You would have a better sense of how fast I moved. 
Have a fabulous Monday!

3 Replies to “Color and surprise”

  1. I love the water bokeh on the first one and the lovely colors!! Beautiful!! I keep working at spider webs and hope to get a good one someday. This is awesome!

  2. I love how you captured this scene, the raindrops are wonderful. I would have jumped if I'd seen a spider, can't stand those creepy things.

    You always find something cool in the everyday things, love that.

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