Fall is here. It’s a gray, rainy, chilly day here, but I did not want to share images of gray, rainy, or chilly. I chose this image…and it does contain water, just not rain. We were able to share this beautiful sunset with dear friends up at Lakeside in August. I like the texture of the churning, wind tossed water beneath the glow of the sun and the colors reflected on the clouds.
       Today we greet the fall and say goodbye to summer. That day we were saying goodbye to a sunny summer day and greeting the evening, and the moonlight and stars. There is that constant cycle of change, day by day, season after season, even one breath coming in and going out.
       For me the more important part of taking this photo that evening was that we were with friends. The richest blessings in life come from the relationships we have with those we love. No matter the changes that come, we can count on friends to see us through.  
       Recently a couple of my online friends have said this in such beautiful ways and I want to share their words with you.  Georgia speaks deeply about friendship on her blog “It’s Just How I See Things”, and you can read her post by clicking here.   Jennifer writes on her blog “Giggling In The Rain” about “Connecting”, which you can find by clicking here. 
       What about you? I know that some of you who stop by here have been through many different kinds of change, challenges, good times and tough times. Whoever those people are who you have turned to, or have shared the good and bad with, celebrate those relationships. And if you are so inclined maybe share a bit of that story with us here.
        Have a great weekend!

3 Replies to “Changes”

  1. Happy Fall! Your sunset image is beautiful. I am looking forward to a calmer season, after a very emotional summer — many happy and sad events. The one thread that held it all together was family. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. This is stunning, what a great job you did capturing the water and the sunset/clouds all in one photo. I could stare at this all day. This would should be blown up and framed and hung. IT takes my breath away just looking at.

    My most challenging time is trying to raise two teenage girls. I didn't expect the almost daily challenges of what's right and wrong. How much independence do I give them, should they have curfews? bedtimes? My first daughter was so much easier but these two are giving me a run for my money. I am staying positive and holding strong in what I believe in and what kind of adults I want them to be in this big world.
    Thank you dear friend for always making me smile and think so early in the morning. I love coming here and being inspired by your photos and your thoughts.
    Happy Fall Weekend.

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