The Cats – An Update

Rossfeld visited the vet yesterday.
He’s a healthy little dude, about 6 months old, 
according to the vet. Had his shots and 
some tests and was given an overall 
good report. 
He is adapting very well to life at the Tisch’s.
This look on his face says it all.
“Please get this pose, I think it shows my best side.”
Yeller is adjusting.
Being aloof, more mature, level headed, but kind of ticked,
all at the same time.
He has to share his domain now.
There have been some funny moments of
Rossfeld trying to jump onto the back of Yeller, and
then that sideways – hair raised – arched back
kind of “oh, let’s play!” romping around. 
I have not yet been able to catch that on my camera.
The good news? The cats have agreed to let us stay.

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  1. Oh, sweet kitties! My older daughter adopted a homeless kitten, who quickly became the dominant cat in their two cat household. Funny how that works.

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