Change of Season

Just saying hello to all of you this morning.
And sharing a photo from my morning walk in the park.
The colorful leaves, heralding the coming of fall and the close of summer,
reflected in this pond at our city park.
Have a beautiful day!

7 Replies to “Change of Season”

  1. Oh, I'm longing for the beginning of fall….it's still 90 degrees here and feels and looks like summer. Thanks for giving me a little taste of autumn with your lovely image.

  2. This is gorgeous and peaceful. How lucky for you to have this place to walk in and start your day. My morning walks at the track are pretty but not this gorgeous. Your leaves are turning color faster then ours too it looks like. Just some of the tips of trees are changing.

    Thank you so much for sharing this and putting a smile on my face.
    hugs, dawn

  3. This is so beautiful. I would love to be sitting under one of those trees, just breathing in the peace there. I think I'll close my eyes and imagine that right now!


  4. Wow, what a beautiful place to walk!! I'm a little envious! We live out in the country and the only place to walk is up the road and back! Love the gorgeous reflection with the fall colors!

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