Where I Stand

This is where I stand.
On my own front yard,
in a peaceful place, 
surrounded by wonderful neighbors,
friends, acquaintances.
I stand here 
knowing that I am free
to speak my mind,
to assemble without fear of persecution,
to vote however I want to vote.
And my ability to do this
is influenced by so many who
have gone before me,
so many who defend that freedom
even today. 
Yes, I’m free to remember,
and also free to celebrate that life continues to go on.
How are you celebrating your freedom today?

7 Replies to “Where I Stand”

  1. Oh Deborah,

    you have done it again my friend. the way you express yourself and photos is so much like me and how I feel. that is the perfect picture and words for today, I'm in tears just looking at it. Not sad tears but thankful tears that I have friends like you far away who can read my mind so well.

    You read my blog and left the kindest comments which touched me. This is the image I was trying to give from my words. Thanks so much for always sharing and showing us your beautiful photos here. God bless you, so glad to have found you.
    hugs, dawn

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